Amacsoft HTML to PDF for Mac

An affordable utility to make it as easy as pie to render HTML to PDF on a Mac!

HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language and most information that the web browser displays is created by HTML. However, sometimes when you need to print a webpage, you might find what appears on the paper is not the same as what is on the screen. Then you can ask help from Amacsoft HTML to PDF for Mac.

  • Render/Turn Internet pages into PDF as easy as blowing off dust.
  • Perfectly save all page elements in PDF documents in the integrity.
  • Perform with intuitive UI and short and sweet introduction to insure a handy workflow.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6-10.9 or above Go to HTML to PDF Converter >>>

Version: 2.1.4 Download Security
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User Review
  • I'm amazed by the super fast conversion speed and high output quality. Now, I always read the converted PDF on my eReaders while I am on the go.
    -- Cherry
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  • Practical app! I'm a website designer and I've created lots of HTML files on my local disk. Now I used your app to save all these files into one PDF.
    -- Jane
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  • Well, well, well, well, well done! I just tried the free trial version and now I decide to get the full version because of its perfect performance.
    -- Kimi
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Why Choose This Program?

With the extensive use of the Internet, kinds of helpful info can be found online nowadays. However, it is really inconvenient to visit any target web pages to check these valuable data again and again. How wonderful it would be if we can extract or change these informative pages into the archives that can be opened and read on any main strain device. Well, Amacsoft HTML to PDF for Mac rightly comes out on this occasion to help users to save the well-formed HTML files as PDF on Mac gracefully with relative ease.

Ideal HTML to PDF Conversion Ability

From the name of this software, you can find that the main function of it is to convert files from HTML webpages to Adobe PDF format on Mac. Then Amacsoft have spent lots of efforts to equip this program with the best conversion ability.

* Work through the whole course of converting HTML pages to Adobe PDF files on Mac with consummate ease.
* Possess enhanced and selectable function to mix several HTML files together into a single PDF document.
* Save all elements originally contained in source Internet pages into PDF documents in the integrity perfectly.

Convert What You Want Selectively or In A Batch

No matter batch conversion or partial conversion mode, both of them can help you improve working efficiency in defined situations. Now, Amacsoft have added these conversion modes into this HTML to PDF converting program.

* Transform a whole folder full of target HTML pages to PDF without any serious effort is supported as batch conversion.
* Right-click on any imported HTML webpages, and you can convert it to PDF separately.
* Check to option of "Merge into one file" and then all imported webpages will be saved in a large PDF documents for better viewing.

Perfect Output Compatibility

Compare to HTML webpages, Adobe PDF is more widely used in all kinds of devices and it also supported all kinds of file sharing sites. So converting HTML to Adobe PDF on Mac is an effective way to solve the problem of compatibility.

* Export newly created PDF documents to be supported by all the mainstream equipments as well as Apple's iOS devices and numerous e-Readers.
* Output each PDF archive with absolutely complete and clear vision without garbled or watermark when using the full version of Mac HTML to PDF Converter.

Page Info Setting Function

Want to encrypt the output PDF files with user or owner password without Adobe Acrobat? You can do it with this Amacsoft software. Amacsoft studio have used the latest encryption system to support all your encrypting needs.

* In the "Preference" pop-up window, you can set password, page margin, page size, author information, etc. to the output PDF files as you like.
* Save converted files into the same folder of the source file or store output PDF files into any other specified folder are possible for its selective destination.

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More Features

Easy to Use Intuitive UI with short and sweet introduction ensures users an easy controllable workflow for even novices to change/convert HTML to PDF on Mac in batch.
Fast Speed Easy-to-handle operations enable users to achieve conversion with less detours.
Free Lifetime Upgrade For all register users, you can enjoy a lifetime free software upgrade service from Amacsoft.