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How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Memory Card?

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Did you accidentally delete some valuable photos you had saved on your Memory Card? Or maybe you formatted your Memory Card and are looking for a way to get some of your old photos back? Or your memory card is corrupted by virus infection that cause everything lost. Well, recovering deleted photos from Memory Card on Mac or any other type of SD card has never been easier and can be done with the right tool. Here in this article, you can have your deleted photos back in no time by using the most effective program we recommended here.

When you accidentally deleted for formatted your memory card, you must stop using the card immediately. If the memory card is used in a digital camera or other devices like mobile phone, etc. you'd better take out the card and put it to another safe place because new files will occupy the disk place and overwrite the lost photos remain on the card. Grasp the chance to recover the deleted pictures by using Data Recovery for Mac, which is a Mac tool that will restore lost images from memory card on Mac.Discover how you can retrieve 100% of your accidentally erased pictures and bring your precious moments back in minutes!

In addition to photos, the program also work for videos, music, documents and more. It comes with the free trial version, with which you can free to scan for lost files and preview the lost photos. we also have the Amacsoft Data Recovery Pro, which can help you recover deleted pictures from various memory card on Windows PC.

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Restore Lost Images from Memory Card on Mac Steps:

Step 1: Select recovery mode

Connect the memory card to your Mac machine via a card reader or digital camera. Please select one of the two ways to make sure that XD card you want to scan is well connected.

Step 2: Select file location and file type

Select the deleted memory card you want to recover in the top list and click "Photo" option. Then click "Start Scan" to start the automatic scanning process.

select drive or device to recover deleted movies on mac

Step 3: Recover Deleted Pictures from Memory Card on Mac

After the scanning process, choose the images you want to recover. Click "Recover" to restore lost images from memory card on Mac. Select or enter a directory to save the photos in the pop-up window.

choose files to restore deleted videos on mac

When the card suffers physical corruption, the data will be very much likely unrecoverable. But if your lost files are really important, you can consider to repair the memory card and seek for professional help from recovery specialists or agencies, which would be a little costly and time-consuming.

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