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How to Import PDF to LibreOffice on Mac?

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LibreOffice has the formidable data import and export functions. Some PDF files you've imported in LibreOffice may be displayed with messy code. But, fortunately, there exist another way to import PDF to LibreOffice on Mac. The LibreOffice is a free and easy-to-use software to edit documents. Although it supports importing the PDF file, but the whole PDF is full of messy code. You cannot read it at all, let alone editing it.

Converting PDF to Word document and importing it to LibreOffice is the best way. First please get the PDF to Word for Mac program installed on your Mac computer. This Mac app is a great tool for converting PDF files to Microsoft Word documents, and it also supports batch conversion and allows you to preview the PDF files page by page before conversion. Follow the steps below to convert and add PDF files to LibreOffice as DOCX format.

The program comes with free trial version, allowing you to experience the efficient conversion job for free. Download and install it on your Mac and follow the steps as below to go through the conversion from PDF to Word.

Convert and Add PDF Files to LibreOffice on Mac Steps:

Step 1: Import PDF files

There are three ways you can add the PDF files to this program. First, directly drag-and-drop the PDF document to its main screen; Second, Go to "File -> Add File(s)" to choose the PDF files to add; Third, press "Add File" or "Add Folder" button on the top toolbar to load the PDF files.

add pdf files to convert, then load pdf to libreoffice on mac

Step 2: Customize (optional)

There are several settings for the output file. First, you can customize the "Page Range" the need to convert; Second, you can reset the output folder by clicking "Browse" button; Third, you can use "Delete" or "Clear All" button to remove the unwanted PDF files.

convert and import pdf to libreoffice on mac

Step 3: Convert PDF to Word Document on Mac

If you ensure everything is OK, press "Start" button to begin converting. Few minutes later, you can check the converted files from the output folder.

Step 4: Import Converted PDF to LibreOffice on Mac

Launch LibreOffice, clikck the "Open…” option on the quick start interface. In the pop-up window, find the target file on your output folder and press "Open”. Just so!

Free Download PDF to Word for Mac (Mac OS X)

If you want more advanced editing functions for your PDF files, please use PDF Editor for Mac, it is a professional software to edit PDF files on Mac.

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