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How to Convert PDF Images to Text on Mac?

Nov 11,2012 18:26 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Have invoices, receipts or perhaps report forms scanned and saved as PDF image and today really need to convert the PDF image to text on Mac OS X? That's common in everyday life. You digitalize the file to really make it simple to edit and copy. However, you forget that you're still unable to obtain the text since the scanned file is saved as image-based file. A common to resolve the issue is tearing the text from PDF image.

To convert PDF images to text on Mac, you must consider two aspects: freeware or share & security issue. As I have mentioned you should use Google Docs to obtain text from PDF image. It really is free. However, you must upload the file to the web. At some level, desktop shareware might be far better conduct the conversion, however it is requires a few dollars. I prefer desktop software because I attach great importance to the output quality.

To save your time from trial and error, we'd like to introduce a professional yet simple to handle application: PDF Converter for Mac, with which you are able to turn PDF images into editable text files so as to flexibly edit or reuse read-only PDF files, or extract PDF data like image, formatting and tables, etc. for more calculating and editing, or publish the PDF files you wish to the public. Free download this App and install it now.

Easy Steps to Extract Text from Scanned PDF Files on Mac

Step 1: Import PDF Files

Drag and drop PDF files to the PDF image to text converter for Mac. After loading the PDF files, you will see a list on the main screen. This list shows the basic information about the PDF files.

perform ocr and add pdf files to convert pdf images to text on mac

Step 2: Choose Text as the output format

On every PDF files you will see in the list, click "PDF to Text" to select it as an output format. You can also set the page range to meet your needs.

output settings for converting scanned pdf files to text on mac

Step 3: Start to the conversion on Mac

Hit the "Convert" button to save scanned PDF as TXT on Mac. The entire process might keep going for a little longer, due to the performance of OCR. But don't worry. All things are OK with PDF Converter Pro for Mac. In minutes, you will get the target files in high quality.

Now you get the text from a PDF file, you can open the txt file with Notepad on your Mac, you can edit any text in it, add, remove, modify the text as you like.

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