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How to Convert eBooks to ePub Format on Mac?

Nov 18,2012 16:26 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Have lots of unique kinds of eBooks and would like to read all of them on iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader or any other device? Generally, PDF is readable on many portable devices. However, its large size could reduce the speed from the eReader. Often it even causes crash when open PDF in eReader. Of course, if the display with the portable device is small, you will have to scroll backwards and forwards to read the eBooks.

You'd better convert your eBooks to the format of ePub, which is the most preferred eBook format and performs well on above eReaders. It is fully compatible with virtually all eReaders. After converting to ePub format, you'll enjoy a smooth and wonderful eBook reading experience on the go. In the following paragraphs, we are going to introduce the most effective and easiest solution on how to convert eBooks to the EPUB format on Mac.

To do the eBook conversion, you need to ask help from EPUB Converter for Mac, which is specially designed for Mac users to create ePub eBooks from various file formats, such as HTML webpages, PDF, MOBI, Text and etc. Just in three steps, you can obtain a perfect EPUB eBook with high quality. All original eBook elements, such as fonts, paragraphs, can be preserved perfectly in the converted ePub, zero quality would lose.

Easy Way to Create ePub eBooks from Other File Formats on Mac

Step 1: Import eBooks

From the following picture, you will know just click "Add File" button to import the eBooks to this eBook to ePub Converter for Mac. You can add more than one files at a time.

import ebooks then change ebooks to epub on mac

Step 2: Customize settings

On the top tool bar, highlight the item which you want to convert one format to ePub on Mac. Vist the "Conversion Mode" to select you mode. Then press "Browse" button to select your output folder.

Step 3: Start to Convert Selected eBooks on Mac

Click the "Convert" button on the right bottom, then set a destination to save the converted eBooks, you can rename the books as you like.

After conversion, you can connect your devices to Mac and sync the ePub eBooks to iPad, iPod, Sony reader etc. for reading. Free download this eBook to ePub Converter for Mac, it can convert plain text, images or docx and more to ePub format on Mac, and provides you customize the cover, font, space and everything you need.

Tips: You may have gotten many eBooks in MOBI format that is readable on Kindle. To change MOBI to EPUB, you can try the MOBI to ePub for Mac software.

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