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How to Backup iPhone 4S Audiobooks to Mac/Computer?

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"As you know, apple iPhone 4S usually has the update procedure. If I reset iPhone 4S back to the factory. All the documents in iPhone 4S can be erased and can not back. In case of this accident, I want to back up my iPhone 4S audio books to Mac, if so, I can restore the actual files with iTunes. However which tool can help me personally to easily support audio books in order to Mac local?"

Using iPhone to Mac Transfer, it is simple to transfer Audiobooks from iPhone 4S to Mac for back-up. If you get audiobooks on Mac, you can add them to iTunes library and synchronize to iPad, iPod touch as well as iPhone 4. Make sure you download it and have a attempt!

Note: For Windows user, you can use the iPhone to PC Transfer to copy iPhone 4S audiobooks to computer.

Transfer Audiobooks from iPhone 4S to Mac Guide

Step 1: Download & install the program

Free download apple iPhone to Mac Transfer and run it. Once you connect iPhone 4S to Macintosh, you can see information about iPhone 4S.

iphone 4s information for exporting audiobooks from iphone 4s to mac

Step 2: Select Audiobooks and Backup iPhone 4S Audiobooks to Mac

Under "iPhone"catalog, Open "Books" in the list and all Apple iPhone 4S books tend to be displayed on the actual library panel. Locate audio books files you need to transfer and check them for ready to export.

Click the "Export" option on the above interface, or even directly click the "File -> Export All Audiobooks" button from top menu to copy iPhone 4S audiobooks to Mac local folder.

check audiobook files to copy iphone 4s audiobooks to mac

In this tutorial, you can use iPhoen to Mac Transfer software to get iPhone 4S audiobooks to Mac in just a few clicks. So we strongly recommend you to free download this software with regard to enjoyment and appreciation entirely.

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