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Edit ePub eBooks According to Your Reading Habits

As the most popular ebook format, ePub can be perfectly compatible with the majority of e-Readers like iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kobo, Sony e-Reader, etc. In order to get better reading experience, a growing number of people require to manage their ePub books by themselves. Here this Amacsoft ePub Writer is the best program to meet the demands of ePub users.

  • Make a cover for ePub book and change text settings for greater visual effect;
  • Organize ePub metadata and table of contents;
  • Freely add, delete or edit the text of your ePub book;
  • Create new ePub books by yourself and other more features.

Supported OS: Windows 8/7/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista. Go ePub Writer for Mac >>>

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  • It's very convenient to modify an ePub file or create a new ePub by myself. It's indeed efficient!
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  • Wow! This is an amazing program! It has a clear intertface, so that everyone is able to manage it easily. You can't miss it!
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  • Every time when I need to edit ePub files, this ePub editor is my first choice. It's functional and effective.
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Why Choose This Software?

If you like reading and creating ePub books, this Amacsoft ePub Writer could be your best assistant program. As ePub book has become a common type of ebooks, this program aims to help all ePub users make ebooks more individualized. Especially when you need to create a new ePub book by yourself, you can add or delete images, HTML, hyperlinks or any file to the ePub as you like. By the way, you also can change the text settings to make your ePub files more comfortable.

Make ePub Files More Customizable

As you know, every person has different reading habits, and this Amacsoft ePub Editor can almost satisfy the requirements of all ePub users by making various text settings.

* Select an image and take it as the cover of your ePub book by yourself. If you don't have a picture on your book, you can import images from your computer or other devices.

* Edit the font, styles and paragraph of the main body of your ePub files. Meanwhile, you can change the font face and color, make the selected text bold or underlined, clear all the formatting and leave the plain text, or do any more editing work for better viewing.

Add, Delete or Edit Metadata and Table of Contents

* Metadata is "data about data", it is to describe the contents and context of data files. By managing ePub title, author and other metadata properities, you will help increase the data retrieval about your ePub book.

* With this program, you will preview the table of contents entry list, then you can add or delete HTML files, so that you can restructure your ePub books. In addition, you can set different headlines as chapter 1, 2, 3... Or you can directly rename them. What's more, you can change the level of each chapter as well.

Manage the Whole Text of ePub Books

If you want to personalize your ePub books, it is an important part to add information and edit the main body of your ePub files directly.

* You can freely copy and paste any part of your ePub. If you make wrong operations, you are able to revert the changes to the previous step, that's very convenient.

* If you need to insert blank HTML, existing files, images or hyperlink, you will achieve these purpose with simple process. Of course, you also can delete those useless ones.

High Performance and Simple Operation

This Amacsoft ePub Writer has a clean interface, so that you can find your needed editing tools on the program easily. And then this software will give rapid reaction to your operations, which is totally efficient. Apart from this, there are more features about this powerful program.

* Create new ePub files as you want. Then you can add images or any file from your computer to fulfill your own ePub book.

* No matter what editing work you have done to ePub files, the quality of them won't have any damage.

More Features

All Windows Platforms Supported Work well on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/ 2003/2000/NT.
Free Lifetime Upgrade Service You are allowed to upgrade your software regularly free for lifetime.
Standalone App Work independently. No require of any other third-party program.