iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode for Mac

Multifunctional Mac Tool for Making Apple iOS Devices Work as Normal USB Drives!

How to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod as a USB drive? We know that users can't copy files between iDevices and Mac by using a USB cable, so if you want to use your iDevices as a portable USB drive, you need the help of Amacsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode for Mac.

  • Copy file/folder from iOS devices to Mac is as easy as move files from normal hard disks;
  • Get out of using iTunes to copy files to iDevices from a Mac;
  • As portable storage to back up data to ensure the security of data;
  • Quick search and view provide a convenient for managing files.

Supported OS:Mac OS X 10.6-10.9 or above. Go iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode >>>

Version: 2.1.25 Download Security
User Review
  • It helps to directly copy files from my iPad to Mac folder, and even in the opposite direction.
    -- From Klsm
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  • It looks like a great program, allowing me copy files between any iOS device and Mac computer.
    -- From Jecci
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  • Thanks to this app, I know that everything important--photos, movies, text, etc. from all my iDevices will be 100% safe and physically stored on my Mac.
    -- Angela
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Why Choose This Program?

As we all know, due to the kinds of limits on iOS devices like iPad, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod, we are not able to copy files from them or manage files in them freely as well as we work on a USB drive. In view of this situation, the well-rounded Amacsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode for Mac comes out. This all-embracing Mac tool makes it even easy for Mac users to mount iOS devices as well as the usual U disks.

Use iDevice as A Storage Disk

It is undeniable that iPad, iPhone and iPod is a good portable drive due to its large storage space. But Apple doesn't allow its users to copy files or folder between devices and computer directly, so you need ask help from a professional third-party program. Amacsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode for Mac comes here to meet your demands.

* Copy to iDevice - All your saved files, such as videos, images, audio files, etc. in your Mac local folder can be copied/duplicated to Apple iOS devices briskly with no need of iTunes.
* Copy to Mac - Supports to copy or transfer iOS kept files/folders to a Mac not needing the slightest effort.

Manage Files or Folders on Your iOS Devices Freely

After connecting your iPad, iPhone or iPod to the program, you'll have the ability to add, delete, rename or move any files from your iDevice directly as you like. All modifications can be done on your iDevice without any restrictions.

* One-click to import or export photos, videos, books, and other documents between iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac.
* Create or add a folder by your own. Rename the file/folder name. For those unnecessary things, you can directly remove it via the "Delete" button on the interface or Delete key on keyboard.

Assure Security of Your iDevice Data

When your iDevice is lost or stolen, the data stored on the device could be the most worried things for you, right? Oh, man, just take it easy! Once you got this program, you'll never worry about this problem.

* Any documents or folders you add to your iPhone/iPod/iPad via this disk mode software can be seen via this software only. That means no one can find the files you stored on your device by iTunes or USB cable.
* All data on your device will be protected by the latest security technology, and our program is 100% clean, it will never leak out your confidential data to public.

View Files or Folder Properties & High Compatibility

No matter the device information, or files properties, both of them can be seen in the program for details. And the built-in Filter and Search feature enables you to find and locate the target files at the shortest time.

* Check your device's properties and information such as file type, capacity, version, serial number, etc.
* Files or folder on your iPad, iPhone or iPod can be seen in list or thumbnail mode. And you can get the detailed information of one specific file or folder such as the file name, type, size, date created, date modified, etc.
* Perfectly support all models of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod.

copy data between iphone,ipod

More Features

Easy to Use Intuitive interface chart and operation procedures make it a piece of cake to achieve users goals.
High Efficiency Its lightning-fast working speed saves Mac users a lot of time when processing a pile of files or a folder of archives.
Free Update Service Constantly free updates will come to make this Mac utility be compatible with any new release of iOS devices.