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How to Transfer Text Messages from LG Phone to Computer?

Jan 02,2014 11:08 am / Posted by to Android Backup Topic
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In the past, people concentrated on the quality of products while they were shopping. Later, things have been changed. And today, people are likely to pay more attention to the brands. In regard of buying cellphones, people love to buy those models of well known brands such as LG from South Korea. I am a LG fan too. Not only a LG cellphone, I have bought many other types of LG products. However, as soon as I got my favorite LG cellphone, I realized that I had to learn more to better enjoy the convenience and happiness this little thing brings to me. For example, while using the SMS function, I always have the idea to transfer my messages to my computer. The reason for this is that my text messages have stored a lot of important information, and I wanted to keep them for further uses. However, I do not know how to achieve this.

Difficulties of Exporting SMS Messages from LG Device to Computer

The first thing I did to copy my text messages from my LG to the computer was to connect the two with a USB cable. After finishing that, I tried to find the text messages on my phone from the computer. But pretty sadly that I could only find the contents stored in my storage card, and the text messages were not there. Then I was at a loss.

The turning point came when I visited a friend who is a super electronic products fan. He told me that I should have tried Amacsoft Android Manager. I knew from him that this software is different from other programs. It can detect data from the SIM card and phone memory. And these two places are just where the data for text messages are stored! My friend told me that it could help cellphones of various brands and models to backup text messages to computers. I thanked him and later that day I tried this program. Only a few minutes later I succeeded!

During my transferring process, I still used USB. And I followed a few simple tips so that I was able to successfully transfer my text message from LG to computer. I felt great at that moment! And since then I have been trying to tell all my friends about this marvelous software. You can't miss it!

Guide: How to Save Text Messages from LG to PC

Step 1. Connect Your LG Phone to PC and Open this Program

At first, link your LG device to computer via USB. Then operate this program on PC. If your LG is successfully recognized by the software, you can get a main interface as follows. While, if this program fails to identify your device, you may need to enable USB debugging on your phone first.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging and Get Your Device Detected

This step is suitable to those users who run this program on PC for the first time. You should enable USB debugging on your LG phone according to the instructions shown on the menu. Then this program will detect your LG device and install USB driver on your computer. After that, it will scan your phone data immediately. By the way, next time when you run this program on your computer, it will be able to automatically scan the whole files on your LG after you have connected your phone to PC correctly.

Step 3. Preview Text Messages and Ready to Backup

In this step, you should enter the "Contacts" folder first. Then press "All SMS", you can preview all text messages conversations. Meanwhile, you can also click "Inbox" or "Outbox" to check them one by one. You are supposed to pick out your needed texts while previewing them. Then touch the "Backup" option, you will save all SMS as CSV format on your computer in a minute.

Write in the End:

Today, this Amacsoft Android Manager has become an indispensable friend of mine. No matter how many text messages with important contents I have received, I am not worried about how to keep them forever. I wish you all can know this perfect solution to your problem of transferring those important SMS messages to computer. Now just download one and have a try, it must be helpful!

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