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Windows 8 ePub Book Builder

ePub format is a wonderful ebook format for many popular reading devices especially for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and more. But how can you easily create an ePub book on Windows 8? You are lucky. We will recommend the best 8 ePub Converter for you.

This ePub building tool can build good ePub book from HTML, PDF, Text, Word, MOBI file with great speed. It can support batch conversion that means you can convert many other format files to ePub book in one time. In addition, the output ePub file can keep the original quality. It's easy to use. You can make your ePub book on Windows 8 with one click. Now you can use this tool to create ePub books for your iOS device on Windows 8.

Steps to Build ePub Books on Windows

You can make a wonderful ePub books in three steps. You can create ePub books from Word, PDF, HTML, MOBI, Text files with retaining original files perfectly on Windows 8.

Step 1: Launch the Windows 8 ePub book maker and add files

Download the software on your computer and install it. Then you can run it and enter its main interface. Now you can start making ePub books by clicking "File" menu to import your files you want to turn them into ePub books.

add files into the software

Step 2: Make settings

If you want to change HTML to ePub, you can choose the " HTML to ePub" option on the top menu. Of course, you have other options. Here you can set an output folder for your output ePub books.

make settings for creating epub book

Step 3: Start building ePub book

When you make sure all the settings, you can press the "Convert" button at the bottom. The software will start creating ePub books for you.

With this software, you create ePub book easily for your portable device from many popular file formats. Now you can download it and make your own ePub books in Windows 8. Building ePub book will never be easier! If you buy an iPad mini, you can use this software to make ePub books for it.

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