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PDF, ePub Converter Tools FAQs

1. Why the output files of PDF to Word Converter are unknown to MS Word 2003?

A: The output files of PDF to Word Converter are .docx files which are the default format starting with Microsoft Office 2007. If you want to open docx files with MS Word 2003, you need to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack, you can download it from Microsoft official website: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=3

2. How can I get images on PDF files converted with PDF to ePub Converter?

A: There are three conversion modes, Text mode, Image mode and Mix mode. You can select Image Mode or Mix Mode to convert the PDF files.

The differences of the three conversion modes are as follow:
1) Text Mode: All contents of PDF will be converted except for images in PDF, and you can copy contents of the output ePub files. The program convert quickly if you select this mode.
2) Image Mode: Convert PDF to ePub without any changes, but the output ePub files' contents can't be copied. The program convert the files slowly if you select this mode.
3) Mix Mode: All contents of PDF can be converted to ePub file, including the text content and images, and the text contents of output files can be copied.

3. Why the output word document is uneditable with PDF to Word Converter?

A: The following reasons may lead to the case:
1) The PDF files are scanned PDF files.
2) The PDF files are encrypted by the people who creates the PDF files.

4. How do I know the PDF file is a scanned PDF?

A: You can open the PDF file and select the text content, if you can't select the text, then it's a scanned PDF.

5. How to view the EPUB file on PC or Mobile Devices?

A: Use the following tools to view EPUB files on PC:

1) Adobe® Digital Editions (Windows and Mac OS)
Download link: http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions.html?promoid=DTEIO

2) Sony Reader Library(Windows and Mac OS)
Download link: https://ebookstore.sony.com/download/

3) Calibre (Windows and Mac OS)
Download link: http://calibre-ebook.com/download

4) Stanza (Windows OS)
Download link: http://stanza-desktop.en.softonic.com/

Use the following tools to view EPUB files on Mobile Devices:

1) Apple Device: iBooks,Stanza

2) Andriod Devices: FBReaderJ

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