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How to Upload/Post a Video from iPad to Facebook?

Now the iPad 2 and The new iPad have 5-megapixel iSight camera with advanced optics, a backside illumination sensor, auto white balance, and face detection for incredible still images. Sounds great? I think many iPad users had ever taken photos, videos with the HD video camera.

Facebook's website design is straightforward. It is very popular since its real time, fast information. You can make friends, share photos, videos and all the interesting contents freely. Of course, also including uploading video from your iPad to Facebook. In this way, you can share any exciting content with your fans. The following simple steps will share how to complete this task with ease.

Post a Video to Facebook from iPad at Ease

The Facebook app for iPad is available now, you can directly share updates, photos and videos through this versatile application! You just need to login your Facebook account and go to the status bar where an option will show you directly upload iPad pictures and videos to Facebook. This task is very easy for anyone. The tough work is that if the video is too large and it will take several hours to post a video to Facebook - That's annoyed. So how to find another solution to upload huge video to Facebook? Please keep reading!

Method 1: Use iMovie to Post a Video to Facebook

For Mac user, iMovie is a must-have app for editing movies. After editing you can easily export your video to YouTube, Facebook, QuickTime etc. for sharing.

Step 1: Connect your iPad to Mac and open iMovie. Import your movie from iPad into iMovie library from "File -> Import" option. Then browse and open your video recording files with your iPad.

import video clips to imovie

Step 2: Now you will see the added video will be listed in the bottom of the window with a small thumbnail. Here you can Edit Video with iMovie by cutting to reduce the video size.

Step 3: Inside the iMovie application, click on the "Share" menu to see a drop-down number of choices. To post a video to Facebook, just hit "Facebook" option. A Facebook menu window will open and provide you the ability to sign in to your account and upload your video.

imovie share options

With this helpful integrated feature, you'll be sharing your movies within a few clicks. All this, in only minutes!

Method 2: Transfer Your iPad Video Back to Mac

If your video on iPad is shot through the iPad camera, you can easily export video clip back to Mac with iPad to Mac Transfer.

Step 1: Link your iPad to Mac, and follow the wizard How to Export Camera Roll from iPad to Mac. Just so you can get your iPad video back to Mac local folder.

Step 2: Visit, and access your account by the correct user ID. You can easily find a choice of uploading video. Hit it and specify the transferred video in step 1 to start uploading.

If the video is too large, you need to spend more time to complete the uploading. If you need, you can refer to the guide on How to Compress Video Files on Mac.