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How to Load a PDF File to an iPod Touch?

Have been accustomed to consuming your leisure time by reading e-books on your iPod touch or iPhone? Or want to seize the time to learn more by reading when you are on the way home or work? Reading has become a very good way for learning or entertainment, we don't need to get some text information from newspaper, TV gets . By reading we can understand the latest developments in the field.

And PDF format is always a popular file sharing format, it can also be regarded as an ebook format for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch since the free ebook reader - iBook, which can open PDF format for reading at will. So if you have downloaded many PDF ebooks from website and plan to import these PDF files into iPod touch or iPhone for reading, how can you achieve this goal? I'm an iPod touch user, after my own practice to achieve this goal, and now I want to share the specific steps with you.

Transfer PDF Files to iPod touch/iPhone using iTunes

iTunes brings a handful of enhancements to Apple's ubiquitous media software, and adds support for 1080p video. It is also a great iOS device manager for transferring compatible files to iDevices for free.

Preparation: Get and install iBook on your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad. Then run your iTunes program and head to "File -> Add to Library" to specify your PDF files and load to iTunes. For efficiency, you can load the entire folder.

add pdf files to itunes library

Start transferring: Plug your iPod touch into your Mac. On left tray click on iPod touch and navigate to top menu bar, then simply click "Books" item like the following illustration.

On the section of "Sync Books" you can choose sync all books or selected books. On the books list tray, check the option of every PDF book title. Then hit "Apply" button to start transferring PDF books to iPod touch.

transfer pdf books to ipod touch via itunes

Transfer PDF Books to iPod touch using iDevice Disk Mode

iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode for Mac is a versatile tool for transfer any files between iDevices and Mac. You can use it as a USB disk. It means that you can use it to easily send PDF files to iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Download free trial version of this Mac app. Follow the instructions to install it. If you want to use it to transfer files as many as possible, we recommend that you purchase the full version. Because the free trial version only allows you to transfer files within 15 times.

Step 2: Likewise, you also need to connect your iPod touch to Mac. You can create a new folder to save your PDF files on your iPod touch by hitting "New Folder" item on the top. To transfer PDF document to iPod touch, please press "Copy to Device" pull down list to select Files of Folder option. Then browse your local file to start transferring.

ipod touch pdf transfer

All in all, the above two methods are easy to handle. But in my opinion, the second method is more secure and stable. Now eject your iPod touch from Mac, and tab iBook icon to read your favorite PDF books on the move.

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