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How to Copy a DVD using Mac Disk Utility?

There could possibly be a lot of reasons why you'd want to create a copy of a DVD. The first thing is DVD discs don't last forever. They get scratched and damaged even in normal use, and with the passage of time, it will also have some deteriorations. In order to avoid data loss, it is necessary to do a DVD backup. The following paragraphs we will introduce a free DVD copy software for Mac users to copy and back up DVD with no effort.

The Mac Disk Utility application is a superb, simple and fast solution to build a copy of a previously burned DVD-R.

Important Note: Using Disk Utility will NOT work with all DVDs. Some or perhaps many commercial DVDs have copy-protection can not be copied successfully. Thanks to DVD Copy for Mac, which can copy homemade and commercial DVD with maintaining initial content on Mac OS X, including Mountain Lion.

Free DVD Copy Software for Mac - Mac Disk Utility

Disk Utility can create an image of the disc, then burn it to a blank DVD. Keep reading the following simple wizard to know how to perform the whole copying process.

Step 1: Insert DVD into your Mac and open Disk Utility. If a message appears asking if you wish to watch the DVD, click the Cancel button. Now you will discover that the DVD appears in the left panel of the Disk Utility window.

free dvd copy for mac - disk utility

Step 2: Select and highlight the DVD on the left category, the go to top toolbar by hitting "New Image" button. The "Save As" window will pop up. You can either accept the proposed name or input your desired name. Then pick a folder, such as the Desktop, where the the disk image will be saved. If you are satisfied with all the settings, click on "Create" to start copying your DVD on Mac. This will take several minutes. Please be patient.

type your name to start copying dvd on mac for free

Step 3: Once this process is complete, the new title is going to be shown inside the lower window of the left panel of the Disk Utilities window. Select and click it, and roll your mouse to the top of the menu item, click on "Burn" button. Your original CD or DVD will then be ejected and this free DVD Copying Software for Mac will indicate that it is awaiting an empty CD or DVD.

Step 4: Insert a blank CD or DVD then click the "Burn" button in the lower right corner. You can customize the "Burn Options" like below. You can also set an action after burning.

burn dvd to dvd on mac for free

Just a little while, you will get a message saying "Image … ("name") … burned successfully.” Eject your DVD and re-insert it into your Mac to check the content.

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