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How to Use Google Music for Android Phone?

Now that Google Music is available to everyone in the United States. While using Google Music from the internet on a computer is fantastic, the genuine beauty is the Android client. You have a ton of choices for playback and playlists. Google Music is similar to Amazon Cloud Player that you can upload your tracks to an online storage locker and have these streamed or download to your Android phone or tablet.

The web interface of Google Music is pretty clean and easy to use. You have your filters along the left side and the albums are displayed as cover art icons. Thanks to Google Play Music app for Android Phone, all your music is stored online, so no need to bother about syncing or space for storage.

Google Music App for Android Phone Key Features

- The purchased music from Google Play will appear in this smart app by default.
- Add up to 20,000 more songs from your personal music collection on your pc at no cost.
- Share a free full play of the songs you got from Android Market with your friends on Google+.

If you are not in a WiFi service, you can still access your music offline. Here are some tips you need to know.

Tip 1: Tab Google Play Music app on your Android phone. Then you can access this app and view your library of albums, artists or playlists.

Tip 2: Find and tab "Make available offline" option. Boxes will pop up that you can make available offline along with a bar. After a while the Play app should begin downloading the items to your Android phone.

To view the entire offline music just touch Menu on your device and discover "Offline Music Only" option.

google play music app for android phone

Enjoy Google Music on Android Phone with a Music Manager

Google Play Music Manager is available for computer, you can download and install it on your PC. Once it is installed, open this manager and make a choice whether you want to add songs whenever music is added to your local folder.

Just so, you can enjoy your favorite songs on your Android phone. Likewise, you can visit Google Music official website to share a music easily. In addition, if you need to record some undownloadable music from YouTube, Myspace, Pandora, Napster etc. We strongly recommend you try Streaming Audio Recorder for Mac App, it can automatically detect downloadable songs from most of music sharing websites and download the music with a single click.

recodrd music for your android phone

If you are a music fans and desire to own various pop, classic songs for listening anytime anywhere. This is a must-have app. We now provide the free trial version in this website, please get it and try now.

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