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The Funniest YouTube Videos for This Year

We ofter waster our leisure time on YouTube for having a laugh or posting a comment for the video. Perhaps you wish to know in past times what the funniest video to show up on YouTube is. Today I'm sharing this hoping of placing a little smile on your face today. Here’s a list the Most Hilarious videos on YouTube.

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A List of Top Rated Videos on YouTube

NO.1 Star Wars Kid

It's an awesome movie, since this movie is how star wars ought to have always been, full of action and violence. I think this movie is not for kids under 12 years, as the violence in this movie is quite high for the standard of violence in star wars movies. This video is also consistently marketed in the top video memes of all time.

NO.2 Evolution of Dance

DanceEvolution may be all about dancing, but the way it tracks your movements is more video game than dance class. Though repeating songs will probably increase your skills, it would have been nice to have some assistance in the process. More skilled dancers can bump the difficulty level up, but this only improves the speed and frequency of the visual cues.

NO.3 Charlie Bit My Finger

The one with the baby that bites his brother's finger, who then overreacts about it? It's horrible...actually it's Rebecca Black horrible. But 417 million views and five years later, the family is still famous for ?¡ãCharlie Bit My Finger.?¡À And they?¡¥ve made a large amount of money from the video too.

NO.4 David after Dentist

When David DeVore first posted the now legendary video of his son's backseat existential crisis, he never expected it might be the viral and cultural sensation that it has since become. Unlike most YouTube celebrities, though, the DeVores have discovered a method to channel the clip's popularity into some pretty hefty profits -- even just in the face of controversy.

NO.5 Hahaha

This video is really a short clip of an exuberant baby in fits of laughter. Priceless footage. The video currently has over 140 million views. If fairies exist, a huge majority of their population may be credited to this video.

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