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How to Play a Slideshow with Preview on Mac?

Everyone wants to show a typical, convincing slideshow for our customers or friends. We know there are many tools can make a meaningful and colorful slideshow for free, such as iPhoto, iDVD and more. After creating a slideshow, we need to find a perfect way to show these slideshows.

Preview is an indispensable App for Mac users, it lets you open and view Adobe PDF files easily. What's more, it can also works well for viewing, editing images or even converting image to a different format, or starting a photo slideshow. If you want to make an impressive slideshow, a professional slideshow maker will help you a lot. It named Slideshow Creator for Mac. It provides many free and inviting templates for selection. This page mainly includes two parts:

Part 1: How to Make/Create a Slideshow on Mac

Preparation: Download the free trial version and install this slideshow maker on your Mac.

Step 1: Now you will see its various themes from the following picture. According to your slideshow type to choose a suitable theme, then proceed.

choose a theme to create a slideshow on mac

Step 2: On this bottom of the screen, only three options need to to: Theme - Create - Export. Now hit "Next" to access the "Create" window. Now you can customize your slideshow by adding some fanatic media files like a background music, a beautiful photo, or a meaningful micro video etc.

create slideshow, then enjoy slideshow on mac with preview

Step 3: Now access "Export" window to select an output destination, you can export your slideshow to local file, YouTube, DVD, Mobile Device. Here we select a local file and specify a location to save the slideshow on your Mac.

Part 2: Play Slideshow with Preview on Mac

Step 1: Double click Preview icon to run it and open your slideshow with preview from its file menu. Select and highlight the item and press "Open" button at the bottom right on the window.

Step 2: Head to "View" and click on the tab, visit "Slideshow" at the end of the list and then click the word. It will transform your photo selection into a slideshow. In the lower center of the screen you will see some useful options, if you need you can use them to adjust your slideshow.

So simple with the above steps to create and play a slideshow on your Mac computer. If you would like to make a slideshow to amaze your audiences without professional skills, but like a pro, this page provides a great solution.

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