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How to Edit Photos with Preview

Preview is Mac's application. You can easily find it in your Mac's Application folder. Many people use Preview to read PDF documents. So you may don't know that Preview also provides some useful editing functions for users. You can use Preview to convert your photo from one format to another, rotate image, resize image, crop image, annotate the image, make a photo slideshow and more. So if you want to do some basic editing for your images, you don't need to use other professional editing softwares like Photoshop, iPhoto. You can easily do some quick photo editing before you email it or print it with Preview. If you are not familiar with editing functions of the software, you can follow the guide below.

Tips: You can make a professional slideshow with a Slideshow Maker for Mac. It's the best digital slideshow maker to build Hollywood-style slideshows with your photos on Mac.

Open images with Preview

Preview can open many popular image formats including JPEG, TIFF, GIF and PNG. You can launch Preview on your Mac and directly drag the image files into the software. You can also drag a folder of images to this software to open all the of them one time. You can choose Slideshow from the View menu to view photos in a slideshow.

Customizing the Preview toolbar

You can find almost image editing tool in the Preview menu bar like rotating and flipping images, and even adding shapes and texts on top of an image. You can choose View > Customize Toolbar. A sheet of editing tools appears like Crop, Potate, Print, Slideshow and more. You can drag the one you like to the toolbar from the sheet. You are allowed to remove or rearrange these tools as you need.

Crop the image

Sometimes you need to cut the part of your photos you don't like.

Step 1: Click "Select" on the Preview toolbar.

Step 2: The cursor changes into a crosshair. Draw a rectangle around the area of the image you want to retain using the crosshair cursor.

Step 3: Select "Tools" from the top menu and click on "Crop" on the toolbar, or you can use the keyboard shortcut Command-K to crop.

If you are not satisfied with the crop you have made, you are allowed to press Command-Z or choose Edit > Undo to undo the crop.

Rotate the image

Step 1: Select "Tools" from Preview's top menu.

Step 2: Select "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right" from the Tools menu. You can also press Command-L and Command-R.

Step 3: Or you can choose "Flip Horizontally" or "Flip Vertically" to make a mirror image of your photo.

Resize the image

If you need to adjust the size of the image, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select "Tools" from the top menu and click the "Adjust Size".

Step 2: Select the "Fit Into" drop-down box to scale the image to one of the presets.

Step 3: You can select the drop-down box next to the height and width text boxes to select the type of measurement by hand.

Step 4: Type in the height and width to resize the image.

Step 5: Type in the resolution you'd like for the image and click "OK" to apply those settings.

Adjust color of your image

You can change the Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Tint and Sharpness of your picture with preview.

Step 1: Click the Adjust Color in the Tool menu.

Step 2: A dark semi-transparent window containing various sliders appears.

adjust color of your image

Step 3: Move the sliders to adjust your image. You can click the Reset All button to undo the adjustment.

Convert and save your image

You can convert your image to another file format like converting PNG to JPEG format image.

Step 1: Choose Duplicate from the File menu.

Step 2: Select "Save" from the File menu.

Step 3: Choose the output format from the Format pop-up menu and type a name.

Step 4: Click the "Save" button.

Besides these basic photo editing functions mentioned above, you can explore more by yourself. For example, you can also annotate your photo with an arrow, circle, rectangle, text, and more. So it's a handy tool for us to make basic editing for photos.

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