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Top 6 Tips for iOS 6

Apple has added many new and wonderful features to iOS 6. You can take panoramas photos in Camera app using your iPhone 5 which is shipped with iOS 6. iOS 6 is free to download and compatible with the new iPad, iPad 2, the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the forth-gen iPod touch. So you can upgrade your iDevice to iOS 6 to experience some new features. We will give you some useful tricks and tips to use iOS 6.

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1. Passbook Sync with iCloud

iCloud supports Passbook Syncing, which keeps all of your passes in sync across your devices. You can go to Settings > iCloud, and flip the Passbook switch to On. But it's a pity that Passbook doesn’t run on iPad, just iPhone 3GS and later and fourth- and fifth-gen iPod touch.

2. Launch App with Siri

When you have many apps on multiple home screens, we always wind up searching Spotlight and launching from there. In iOS 6, Siri can launch apps for you. Just say “Open (or Run) App Name,” and Siri will follow your request, opening the app on your iPad 3, fifth-gen iPod touch, or iPhone 4S or 5.

3. Use History Btton to Find out What You have Viewed

If you don’t remember what you searched for on the iTunes Store, App Store, or the iBookstore, you can use the new History button in the search bar to instantly pull up a list of your recently viewed items.

useful tips for ios 6

4. Capture a Panorama with Camera App

Apple brought the panorama taking function into iOS 6. You can use this function on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and the fifth-gen iPod touch. If you want to take a Panorama, you can open the Camera app and choose Options > Panorama. Hold the iPhone in portrait mode, tap the shutter button, and then slowly move your camera to the right -- you’ll see a warning if you pan too quickly. To finish, tap the shutter button again.

tricks to use ios 6

5. Full-Screen Browsing

On the iPhone and iPod touch version of Safari, you can now see more when surfing the web. Hold the device in landscape mode, then tap the button with the outward-facing arrows in toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The address and toolbar will disappear, leaving you with a full-screen website and semi-transparent Back and Exit Full Screen buttons in the bottom corners.

6. Offline Reading List in Safar

Tapping the Share button and adding an item to your Reading List will now cache the webpage on your local device so that you can read it while offline from the Internet.

These useful tips we mention above can bring more convenience to your life. Of course, there are more new features we haven't brought out. You explore more wonderful features by yourself on your device.

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