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Top 5 Free iTunes Plugins and Addons

Apple's iTunes application is probably the most used app ever installed on the Mac and Windows. It's also one of the least flexible, in terms of customization. Anyone knows that apple device users must use iTunes to sync files with their iPad, iPod, iPhone etc. So more and more developers have created some plungins for iTunes to make this app become better.

iTunes Key Features:

- iTunes lets you play music, movies, videos, and TV shows on your Mac or PC.
- Download or purchase all sorts of Apps for your iPad, iPod, iPhone.
- And it’s a store that has everything you need to be entertained.
- Also Make Free iPhone Ringtones with iTunes.

Top 1 Free Plugins for iTunes - iTunes Companion

This is the most effective lyrics plugin for iTunes we have discovered and tested. Lyrics feature is the miss feature from iTunes of all version. iTunes Companion is a highly customizable, highly functional iTunes remote which searches for album cover art for your current iTunes track at and downloads it to your hard drive.

Key Features of this Free iTunes Plugins:

- Searches for lyrics at three lyrics sites.
- Displays the lyrics in a drawer or in a separate resizeable window.
- Saves the lyrics to iTunes, so you can watch them on your iPod.

Top 2 Free iTunes Addons - Cover Version

Cover Version is the iTunes visualizer plug-in that not only displays the album cover artwork of the currently playing song, but also show lyric if there is. Lyrics of the track are displayed on top of the album cover artwork. Artist name and track title are displayed bottom-aligned.

This best free iTunes addon lets you customize Cover, Track, Lyrics and so on. Cover Version is compatible with windows and Mac. But you need to remember this free plugins for iTunes does not fetch any audio meta data over the internet.

Tips: If you have backed up your iPad, iPod and iPhone to iTunes, but you lost some files accidentally, what can you do to recover the lost files with ease. Data Recovery for iTunes can easily get back photos, videos, contacts, SMS, call records etc. from iPad, iPod and iPhone on Mac OS X.

Top 3 iTunes Plugins for Free - Audio Hijack Pro

Record from applications like iTunes, Skype or DVD Player. Record from microphones, Radiosharks and other hardware. The latest version of Audio Hijack Pro can make grabbing audio from Safari, Chrome, and Firefox a snap! In addition to MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF, Audio Hijack Pro can now record to WAV.

Top 4 Free iTunes Plugins - File Transfer Plugin

iPad to Mac Transfer can automatically detect your iPad, iPod and iPhone, then transfer video/music/eBook/photo from iOS devices to Mac. After transferring, you can sync the files with your iOS devices via iTunes. So you can share your iPad files with another iPads, iPods and iPhone. Actually, it could be used as an iPod/iPhone/iPad file manager without iTunes. Free trial is available now.

Free Download iPad to Mac Transfer

Top 5 iTunes Plugins for Free

With this free plugins for iTunes, you can easily:
- Fixes mislabeled song info (Track 01 & Unknown Artist);
- Removes duplicate songs;
- Fills in missing album cover art;
- Gets concert alerts, music videos, artist bios & more.

OK, you have know the top 5 free iTunes plugins and addons, select the needed one to try it now.

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