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Reinstalling iTunes Without Lossing Songs

iTunes is a program that lets you download music from its online music store, one track or a whole album at a time. It keeps your entire music collection organized. So if anything were to occur to the program, it'd be a real shame to lose all that music. Fortunately, iTunes will copy any file you add to the library into a folder on your hard drive.

Before you learn how to reinstall iTunes, you must understand what type of circumstances would make you do this.

- The version of iTunes that you installed was corrupted, so either iTunes or QuickTime did not work correctly.
- The installation process was interrupted, so it will be incomplete and the programs are not functioning now.
- You lost all the data on your machine because of virus or some hardware problem, and then you have to reinstall iTunes.

All other reasons may require you to reinstall iTunes. The below tutorial will show how to install iTunes without lossing songs.

Steps on Reinstalling iTunes Without Lossing Songs

Step 1: Launch iTunes. In Windows, select "Edit, Preferences". On a Mac, go to "iTunes, Preferences". From the pop-up window, choose "Advanced" tab.

Step 2: Click the check box for "Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder when Adding to Library," if it's not already selected. Click "OK." iTunes will immediately copy music files that weren't already in the iTunes Music folder to the folder on your hard drive.

back up itunes music, then reinstall itunes without lossing audios

Step 3: After copying your Music to iTunes folder, now you can reinstall iTunes program. Recreate your iTunes library using the folder on your computer's hard drive. Find and open your iTunes folder, select the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file. Now Re-open iTunes. Click "File -> Library -> Import Playlist". Select the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file to import.

If you have backed up your iTunes to external hard drive or a disc, you can also easily reinstall your iTunes without lossing music. Just connect your external hard drive to computer and put it back in its default location. For a backup disc, open iTunes, and put your backup disc in the disc drive. iTunes will prompt you to restore the files. Click "Restore."

iTunes is also an iPad, iPod and iPhone manager, we can easily import local files to iTunes library, then sync them to iOS devices for enjoyment. But we make sure the file format is compatible with iTunes. iTunes Video Converter for Mac is the right tool to convert most of video and audio formats to iTunes easily and fast.

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