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How to Watch YouTube/FLV Videos on Kindle Fire?

The new Amazon Kindle Fire is becoming a growing number of people's choice when choosing an Android Tablet, it's affordable price and excellent performance. If you are a movie fan and wish to watch the latest movies on it, you'd gone to do a few things before watching them on Kindle Fire successfully.

On the other hand, you can find and browse the latest movies on YouTube. It is the biggest of all video sharing site. YouTube remains incredibly easy to use. Its beefy servers swallowed us upload immediately at all (under a minute), and our video was live not long after. If you find a YouTube video and want to put it on your Kindle Fire for watching on the fly. An awesome YouTube Downloader is a good assistant to download videos from YouTube, Hulu, Metaface, Google Video etc. Mac Video Downloader integrates of YouTube to Kindle Fire Downloader and FLV to Kindle Fire Converter for Mac.

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"It is amazing, all the downloads happen in a hurry. Additionally, I can change the downloaded FLV videos into any video/audio formats for enjoying on my favorite device." - Reviewed by Chooch


Download YouTube Movies to Kindle Fire for Watching

Step 1: Everyone can download and install a program on the Mac computer, here is not described in detail. If you launch this program, you will see its main interface as follows.

online video downloader main screen

Step 2: Visit with your web browser, search the video youf favorite and play it on the browser. At the same time, a clickable button "Download" will show on the top of video. Just hit it to add this video to the download queue. Likewise, this YouTube Downloader will download video immediately.

Step 3: Once the download is done, click "Downloaded" item on the left library of the main interface. You can view video basic info including size, format and more.

The downloaded video from YouTube is usually FLV format. It is refused by Kindle Fire. To make it compatible with Kindle Fire, highlight the video and press "Convert" button, then define a friendly format for Kindle Fire.

convert downloaded youtube videos to kindle fire format

After a while, you can extract a friendly video for Kindle Fire from downloaded YouTube videos. Now everything is quite simple, connect your gadget into Mac and transfer output video to Kindle Fire via supplied USB cable.

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