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How to Watch/Enjoy Free Online Movies with a Mac?

Sometimes the idea of watching movies on a Mac with family or friends is attractive and interesting. Especially, when you miss an online update TV play, you can gather your friends and family around the desk in the corner of the living room to watch movies on a 17-inch iMac freely.

A home media center is a developing trend, and we can download or purchase our favorite movies from iTunes Store. But the Store isn't the end-all-and-be all of online movie sources. There are a handful of sources for movies that you can play on your Mac for free. Today we share some places for enjoying online movies, and we also provide some free and online media players to make the playing smoothly.

Where to Play Online Movies on Mac?

NO.1 YouTube

I think everyone knows the YouTube website. It provides a very good method for downloading, uploading, sharing videos online. It is one of the largest video sharing websites in America. If you want to play movies online, just point your browser at YouTube’s Movies channel and find the video to play without interrupting. Undoubtedly, you can Free Download YouTube Videos on Mac for offline playing in your leisure time.

enjoy free movies on mac from youtube

NO.2 Netflix

Netflix has offered movie streaming for a few years through its Watch Instantly feature. For those who have a Netflix plan starting at $9 (one DVD at a time) you're welcome to make use of this service, that provides over 20,000 movies and TV episodes. On a Mac you'd normally watch Netflix streams via a Browser. Or you can download Netflix Video to your Mac for enjoying with Free Video Downloader for Mac.

Other Places:

Hulu - It is NBC and Fox's YouTube killer and also a popular destination for watching TV episodes and clips. Hulu’s TV shows, movies are free and include the occasional short advertisement.

Google Video - It has a slew of full-length films you can view free of charge.

Boxee - It is a media center application instead of a source for videos. However, it offers several plug-ins that may make your movies scattered over the Web.

Some Powerful and Free Movie Player for Mac

NO.1 VLC Media Player for Mac

VLC is an free cross-platform multimedia player that plays almost every kind of video file, which makes it truly "universal". You can even use it to play DVDs, CDs, VCDs, as well as other streaming protocols. It supplies a variety of tools and customization choices to manage and enjoy video.

vlc is a free movie player for mac

NO.2 DivX Player for Mac

It is another nice alternative that you can play videos, specially if you're trying to play something in HD. You can easily play all native DivX videos (.mkv) and other popular video clips. In addition, you can use its useful playing options like desktop dimmer, window fade and more.

Likewise, the are many free media players for Mac computer, but the above examples of two is the best choice. Of course, if you don't like, you can also find more players from Google.

Finally, I think you will know how to watch some free and online movies with your Mac. First, you need to know which website offers some online movies; second, you need to have a free online media player. If the bandwidth is limited, you can not play a nice movie smoothly, you can Download Online Videos to Mac local folder for enjoying.