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How to Upgrade iOS Devices to iOS 5?

Apple's iOS 5 software offers some pretty awesome features that make using an iOS device all the more enjoyable. Features like wireless iTunes syncing, iCloud backups, Notification Center, and Twitter integration are all things that make iOS users wonder how they ever got by prior to iOS 5. The new iOS 5 software is free to download, and works on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, newer iPod touches and the iPad and iPad 2.

Upgrading to iOS 5 is a great time to clean up your device. If you're interested in the upgrade process, or simply need to know all your setup options before you make the big switch, let us assist you to update your iPad, iPod, iPhone to iOS 5 with this step-by-step guide.

Download and Update Your iPad iPod iPhone to iOS 5

Step 1: Be sure that both your PC OS and iTunes are running the newest versions. Before updating, you can also back up your iOS devices files to Mac local. iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer is the right tool from transferring files from iOS devices to Mac computer without lossing data.

Step 2: To upgrade iOS devices to iOS 5, connect your device to your computer via USB, open iTunes, select your device. Theoretically, once you open iTunes with a compatible device connected, you'll be prompted to download iOS 5. Additionally, you will be given a option to either "download and install" or "download only".

You can also force iTunes to check on for an update by clicking on the "Check For Update" button in the Summary pane for your device.

this picture shows you how to update your ipad ipod iphone to ios 5

Step 3: Be advised, however, that the full upgrade process can take several hours, depending on how many apps/songs/movies/etc. are installed on your device. You will NOT be able to interrupt the process once it begins.

Tips on Upgrading iOS Devices to iOS 5

For iPhones, you will be required to insert a SIM to set up your iPhone. After updated to iOS 5, You will get an instruction from Apple on your iPhone: insert your SIM and select your region, log in with your Apple ID.

If you fail on updating, you can try:

1. Reboot your iPad, iPod or iPhone;

2. Close and reopen your iTunes program; Or even reinstall iTunes on your computer;

3. Eject your devices and re-connect it to your computer.

If these methods are unhelpful, you can visit Apple Support or the nearest Apple store for more help.

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