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How to Transfer Camcorder Videos to Computer?

We use camcorder to record every meaningful moment in our life. Maybe you have many memorable memories stored in your camcorder, how can you copy these videos to store on computer or for further editing? There are several ways to transfer camcorder video to computer, you can select the best solution depending on your situation.

Needed materials before transfer

You can transfer videos from camcorder to PC through a firewire cable or a USB. So before you make video transfer, you need to prepare a USB cable or Firewire cable (IEEE 1394 cable) and supplied AC Adopter.

Solution 1: Transfer video from camcorder to PC through a firewire cable or a USB

Step 1: Check the digital camcorder for different ports that can be used to transfer data to a computer. A digital camcorder usually has ports for both a firewire and a USB 2.0.

Step 2: Use the chosen cable for data transferring. If the chosen method is through firewire, ensure that the computer also has the proper video capture card. A video capture card can be an internal one. A PCI video capture card is placed on the PCI local bus port, attached to the motherboard. More advanced motherboards have a video capture card already within its functions

Step 3: Choose video editing software. Windows XP has Windows Movie Maker installed.

Step 4: Rewind the tape from the data you want to be transferred. Put the tape into the camera.Turn on the PC and the camera. Launch the software.

Step 5: Find the "capture video" option in the 'File' menu. A capture prompt may appear.

Step 6: Connect the two with the chosen data cable.

Step 7: Play the video through the camcorder. The software should automatically capture the video to the PC. Save the video.

Step 8: After the capture has been done, disconnect the cable properly. If using a firewall, shut down the computer first before disconnecting the cable.

Solution 2: Transfer camcorder videos using Card Reader

You can use the USB cable to connect computer with your camcorder and copy your data to PC. Some kind of camcorders store videos on memory card, memory stick, etc. So you can just remove the storage medium and plug it in your computer with the use of matching ports.

Tips: You may get different formats video recorded by different camcorders from various manufacturers like Sony, Canon, Panasonic. If you want to convert all kinds of videos for your portable device, you can use the Mac Video Converter Ultimate to convert any video to AVI, MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, FLV and other formats playable on Apple iOS devices, Sony PSP and Android mobile devices.

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