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How to Resize a Video on Windows and Mac?

Occasionally, while editing videos, we may need to resize it and alter the screen resolution. It could be since the video display size is simply too big to be uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing sites, or you need to enlarge a smaller video to fill your large monitor. You will find currently no default tools included in Windows which you can use to resize videos. You can use Windows Movie Maker to edit videos and add transitions and more, but not to alter the specific video resolution.

Video resizing is something that been created super easy because of a free video editor called VirtualDub. This tutorial will show you with the steps necessary to re-size a video on Windows.

Adjust Video Size on Windows with Free Video Editor

VirtualDub has many video editing features that you would find in Adobe Premiere, but it is streamlined for performing operations on video extremely fast.

Step 1: Download and install VirtualDub on your PC. Now head to "File -> Open Video file" to find and open your video. You'll now see your video appear twice in the primary window. The left window will show the original file, and the right window will show the "processed” or altered video.

Step 2: Now your video is imported, please go to "Video -> Filters", then press "Add" button and scroll down till you see resize option. The next, you will access the resize filter window.

Step 3: Here you can set the video and audio size freely. You can choose the Absolute (pixels) option or Relative (%) option to resize the video as you like.

alter video size on windows

After all the settings, return to the main screen and view the original video and processed video from the two contrast window. You can also save the processed video from "File -> Save as" option.

Change/Alter Video Size on Mac with iMovie

iMovie is a wonderful software for video editing, and the best of all, it is pre-installed in Mac. (A more professional editing software called Video Editor for Mac)

Step 1: Make sure you have installed the latest iMovie on your Mac. Launch it and go to "File -> Import" to add your movie to iMovie. You can add some special effects on your video. More details about How to Edit Video with iMovie.

Step 2: After performing all the editing options. Go to “Share -> Export to QuickTime“. Here you can use the "Options" button to open the "Movie Settings" window as below.

You will see two sections on this screen: Video and Audio. Under Video section press "Size..." button to access the "Export Size Settings" screen. You can customize the dimensions feel free.

adjust video size with imovie on mac

That's OK. You have done all the options on how to resize a video size on Windows and Mac. You can play the final video with a player to check its size.

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