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How to Remove Duplicates from iTunes Library?

One of iTunes' greatest features is its capability to quickly and easily find duplicates hiding in your library. Duplicates can be a serious problem in that they not only use up extra hard drive space that is essentially wasted, but they also make your iTunes library mess, which many users don't appreciate. Some people find it hard to check out duplicates especially when they have just transferred files from an external drive.

The first way to clean duplicates out of your library is to let the iTunes show you what duplicates actually exist in your library. To do this, please keep reading the following steps now. By the way, if you have ever backed up your iOS devices to iTunes library, but someday you lost them accidentally, here is an easy way to Recover Lost Deleted Data from iTunes on Mac.

Delete Duplicate iTems from iTunes Library Steps

Step 1: Displaying Duplicates

Open up iTunes, then simply click "File-> Display Duplicates". This option will show you all the duplicate files in your iTunes Library based on song tile and artist. This will change your library window into a duplicates window.

If you have multiple versions of the same song you can hold the Alt or Option key (for Mac OS X) or the Shift key (for Windows) and choose File > Display Exact Duplicates.

display and delete duplicate items from itunes

Step 2: Delete iTunes Duplicate Files

Arrange by the date you added the song to iTunes by clicking the Date Added column. Choose duplicate items you want to remove from iTunes library, press the Delete key on your keyboard. or head to "Edit -> Delete" to remove the duplicates.

remove duplicate files from itunes

A pop-up window will ask you "Do you want to move the selected files to the trash, or keep it in the iTunes media folder?" Press "Move to Trash" option to delete the duplicates automatically.

How to Prevent iTunes Duplicates?

You can prevent iTunes duplicates easily in your iTunes.

Open iTunes and click "Preferences > Advanced tab. Check the two options illustrated below.

You have already deleted iTunes duplicate files now. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do is download it from a website and you can just let it delete duplicates and organize your iTunes for you.

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