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How to Remove Duplicate iPhoto Photos?

With iPhoto app you can easily edit photos, share your photos to facebook, make photo books, slideshows, calendars, etc. You may have got thousands of photos in you iPhoto library, and many are duplicates. You will find it's difficult to find out and delete the duplicates. Manually delete duplicate images will take a long time, but you can make use of third-party software to remove duplicate images from iPhoto.

Duplicate Annihilator takes on the time consuming task comparing the images in your iPhoto library using effective algorithms to make sure that no duplicate escapes.

Guide on Deleting Duplicate iPhoto Pictures

Step 1: Download and install Duplicate Annihilator. It is a plug-in to help you get rid of iPhoto duplicates. In addition, you can easily Import Photos from iPhoto to iPhone for viewing.

remove duplicate images from iphoto with duplicata annihilator

Step 2: Open Duplicate Annihilator and click "Preferences" tab to select "MD5 checksum" and "Set duplicates' comments to duplicate" option. Then click "Find duplicates" tab. All these work will ensure that he program will scan and find all duplicate photos from iPhoto library.

delete duplicate iphoto pictures

Few minutes later, you will find the duplicate iPhoto pictures will be removed successfully. It's the end of how to remove duplicate iPhoto photos.

Since if you have so many beautiful photos, you can consider creating a slideshow on Mac, Slideshow Maker for Mac can easily create slideshow from videos, audios, photos etc. After creating, you can share the slideshow to YouTube, iDVD, iTunes, Apple devices etc.

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