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How to Redownload iTunes Purchases?

The iTunes 10.3 supports for the new iCloud service that can be used to automatically download apps, music and other purchases, this is being labeled as iTunes in the Cloud. Re-downloading of 256 Kbps AAC tracks is now possible from iTunes, which means that you can buy your music once and download it to every device you own, with no additional charge.

Additionally, Apple has included Automatic Downloads for iOS in the mix, which means free and purchased music will be automatically pushed to any device you have attached to the Internet. Buy the item on your iPhone and have it pushed to your iPad for free. On iTunes libray, you can also easily Remove Duplicates from iTunes Library to manage your iTunes better.

Method 1 to Redownload iTunes Purchases

Step 1: First, go to iTunes. Ensure that you are signed in with the same account that the app was previously purchased under. Head to App Store and search the item(s) that you want to download. If you confirm to download it, click on the "BUY APP" button. A confirmation dialog will pop up, tab "Buy" button to continue.

Step 2: After done the step 1, you will get a dialog box alerting you that you have already purchased the item. Click "OK" to re-download the app for free, then transfer it to your iOS device.

Method 2 to Redownload iTunes Purchase Items

If you wish to re-download the app on your iOS device alone, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn on your iOS device, here we will take iPad as an example. Tab "App Sotre" icon on iPad's home screen. From the bottom of the screen tap the "Purchased" option.

tab purchased icon to start redownloading itunes purchase items

Step 2: A sortable list of all the apps purchased through your iTunes account will be shown. You can tab the "Sort by" button to sort the app by name or most-recently purchased. It is also availabe to tab "Not On This iPad" and "iPad/iPhone" to exact search. View an app you’d like to red-download? Tap its cloud icon to start redownloading iTunes purchase items.

OK, you have done the steps on how to redownload iTunes purchases, without any paying, totally free of charge. If you lost some import file which has backed up to iTunes library, you can Recover Lost Data from iTunes on Mac easily.

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