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How to Make Free Megaphone for iPad?

DIY is a kind of performance coupled with creativity and hands-on ability. If you have been thinking about how to be able to watch the iPad playing movies in a rather far visual distance without wearing headphones, you will gradually find the small built-in speakers speaker really sound too low to be heard clearly. However, if the next time you encounter this problem and you are not busy then, you can just try the following DIY method to create a special speaker for your iPad easily.

P.S: Once you put videos/movies on your iPad for entertainment, you may face the problem that your iPad is not able to accept some of the files. Then, what would you do? If you have no idea about this, then, you can just let the Mac iPad Video Converter to you a favor quickly. After solving the video compatible problems, you can then follow the DIY method below to have a try to create your iPad a free megaphone for amazing movie enjoyment now!

Detail Steps on How to Create a Free Megaphone for Apple iPad

I believe once you see the pic below, you must have understood what you need. That's right! What you need is just a plastic cup and a pair of scissors. And you only need cut out a hole which can cover the speaker part of your iPad in the position near the bottom of the plastic cup. And then insert your iPad speaker section into the hole. Ok, once you have done this easy preparation, you only need play a movie on your iPad, then you will find the volume increases obviously.

how to make ipad free megaphone

Indeed, this DIY manual labor is merely an expedient. And it is very impossible if you once want to improve the sound quality with this simple and easy free megaphone. If you simply listen to music with your iPad, then, this DIY method is unnecessary. But if you are a movie fan who wants to enjoy movies with iPad, then this would be a good and money-saving choice for you. Hope this how to make free megaphone for iPad article can help you.

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