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How to Edit Videos on iMovie?

Editing is quickly easier when you use iMovie's tool for stabilizing footage and recognizing faces and camera pans. iMovie is compatible with Mac OS X and iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. It provides a fast and intuitive way of editing clips of footage together. You can easily trim clips with iMovie, crop videos, add title, add transitions and more. iMovie also offers a bunch of different themes, each with its own title style and set of transitions. iMovie looks like a great way for someone traveling light to edit together home movies.

After editing, you can also export videos to iTunes, iDVD, YouTube, Facebook etc. Here is detailed steps on Uploading iMovie Videos to YouTube on Mac. The following instruction teaches you the step by step guide on how to edit videos with iMovie on Mac for free.

Editing Videos with iMovie on Mac for Free

Step 1: Create a Project

After installing iMovie on your Mac, launch it. Before doing anything in iMovie, you have to create and specify a new folder to save the new project. Head to "File -> New Project..." to create a new project. Then enter a name and title for the new project.

create new project to edit videos on imovie

Step 2 : Import Videos

You can import video clips from local folder or a camera. No matter what kind of videos, you must ensure that your video is supported by iMovie. Video Converter for Mac is the right tool. It supports any video conversion on Mac and provides a preset for iMovie.

If the video is compatible with iMovie, go to "File -> Import" to locate the videos you want to edit. Drag your imported clip(s) from the clips pane to the editable timeline along the bottom of the iMovie interface.

import videos for editing videos with imovie on mac

Step 3: Edit Videos on iMovie

The most widely used is crop, you can crop unwanted and black area of your selected clip. Click Title button in the toolbar, then choose a title style and drag it over a video clip. And you can choose a transition you like dragging and dropping it between two clips and so on.

video editing for mac

I suggest that you play around with these to see what effects you would like to add to your videos. You have a variety of options for exporting your edited movie. This walkthrough will cover YouTube as probably the most popular option. To start the process, select "Share - > YouTube" to fill in dialog box to finish exporting movies.

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