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How to Download Music/Songs from Spotify?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has quickly emerged as one of the most viable competitors to Apple's iTunes online music store. Spotify provides a desktop program for Mac and Windows user, but we may not always in front of the computer or there is a very good network connection. So how about listening offline with a MP3 player or your cell phone.

To record or download songs from Spotify for listening offline, we need a handy tool's help. Streaming Audio Recorder for Mac is an optimal Mac app to recorder music from Yahoo, Google Mussic, YouTube, Pandora and any other popular music sharing sites. It is also a good music player, it can directly play recorded music in your Mac computer. Additionally, it offers some metadata for viewing like Artist, Album, Date Added and more.

Keep in your mind, this program is now offered only Mac version. If you are a Mac user, please get it and try now!


"Nice tool, as a music fan I strongly recommend this app for everyone. I tried this program a few days ago, It can detect and record musci with 1:1, no data loss. " - Reviewed by Mathew


Record Spotify Music without Losing Anything

Step 1: Before getting started, make sure you have installed this Mac app. If not, press the above button to download and click the ".dmg" file to start installing.

Step 2: Open your web browser and visit Spotify's official website. Browse and find the songs you would like to download. If the music is streamable, this Spotify recorder can detect it automatically. Simply click "Record" button like below to let your track start recording.

stream music from spotity by hitting record icon

Hint: While recording, you can leave the stream page and surf on other pages or windows. This versatile music recorder can run in the background very well.

Step 3: How to get the info of the recorded music? I believe many people are confused about the question. If you have registered, you can view the music info directly. If you are using the free trial version, you can only get music info for 10 songs manually.

Simply click the track icon on the bottom of the screen, and its basic info will be displayed for you. Or go to "Library" to view the info if you like.

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