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How to Delete Apps from iTunes?

The App Store is loaded with extra applications for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and Apple did a great job of creating it simple to download and install all of those programs. We can Download Free Music with iTunes, or Redownload iTunes Purchases and more. And we can also use iTunes to sync local files to iPad, iPod or iPhone for enjoying.

The reasons we need to delete apps from iTunes.

1) We don't want the app and want to remove it from iTunes library.
2) We have the latest version of the application, so we want to remove the old version from iTunes.
3) The app has some problems, we can not normally run it, so it is necessary to remove it.

Steps to Remove Unwanted Apps from iTunes

Step 1: Run iTunes on your computer. If you have not install an iTunes program, please go to Apple official to free download it and set it up.

Step 2: On iTunes left panel, click "Applications" under the "Library" menu. Right-click on an application you will see a "Delete" option. Choose "Delete" from the pop-up menu.

remove unwanted apps from itunes

Step 3: Click "Delete Apps" when iTunes asks if you really want to remove the application from your Library. Next, to remove all files associated with the apps you selected for deletion, click Move to Trash on the next window.

press delete apps button to remove unwanted apps from itunes

Now, when you go back to the apps pane in iTunes to sync your iPhone, you'll find that the apps you deleted are no longer listed. And if you deleted an app from iTunes library that is currently installed on your iDevice, it will be removed upon your next sync. That's it!

If you want to remove more than one apps from iTunes library, just repeat the above steps. If you have downloaded some files from iPhone's app store, you can also Move iPhone 4S Purchased Files to Mac for a backup.

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