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How to Create/Make a Movie Trailer in iMovie?

Creating a movie is difficult enough, but designing a trailer for it and condensing the essence of your story into a minute and a half without revealing a lot of or cramming it with just your best parts is even more complicated. iMovie 11 has the new feature of movie trailers, the ability to identify people within your footage and discover which kind of shot you were recording for every clip. And this movie trailer maker provides more than one movie templates for selection.

Follow the instructions (including word and illustration description which will make you better understand) to build your own movie trailer with iMovie.

Make a Personal Movie Trailer with iMovie

Step 1: Getting Started

Launch iMovie app on your Mac, and head to File > New Project to create a new project. You can choose your favorite movie trailer theme and preview the effect. Then enter the trailer project information like name, aspect ratio and more.

Step 2: Set The Outline

The standard project pane will be replaced with an outline of your story. Mouse over each editable field to customize any text and you will see the changes. Once you're done, click Storyboard to get started on building your trailer.

set the outline to create movie trailer in imovie

Hint: If you want to perform more professional editing features for your video, we recommend the Video Editor for Mac which supports various input and output formats for editing.

Step 3: Add video clips to the storyboard

Go through the Storyboard to add your video and text. Drag and drop your video clips from the Event browser onto the placeholders to create a movie trailer in iMovie 11. You can change the the placeholder text as you like. The image you selected is going to be replaced by the clip you chose and the next image will be automatically highlighted.

Step 4: Play and share your movie trailer

After performing all the above settings, using the play button to preview the final effect. If you are very satisfied with this movie trailer, you can share it to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, MobileMe, CNN, etc. You can also save it to a hard drive from "Share" menu pull down option.

play the builded movie trailer in imovie

iMovie is a must-have app for video editing, with it you can easily Add Transitions between Video Clips with iMovie. After making a fantastic movie, you can Upload iMovie Videos to YouTube on Mac for sharing with others perfectly.