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Free Online YouTube Video Maker

YouTube is one of the best places to upload, download, or share the videos with others online. If you find some favorite movies on YouTube, you can easily download them with Free YouTube Downloader for Mac, after downloading, you can put it to your protable devices for enjoyment. But as we all know, many devices have its own audio and video formats, not all file formats are playable on the device. The Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is an all-in-one tool to convert videos, copy and burn DVDs, record online videos and more.

In this page, we mainly show some easy to use free online YouTube video makers for you, so you can create you personal movies to upload to YouTube for free.

Make YouTube Videos Online for Free with One True Media

One True Media is a widely used online video making service. It works online and perfectly integrated to It enables users to upload content, for example photos, videos, and music into their account; use the uploaded content to make video montages and slideshows; and share creations with online users.

Advantage: Make the video lenth up to 10 mins; More themes; Subscribe and download videos to computer.

Disadvantage: Only 100MB/Month video size.

make youtube videos online for free with one ture media

Online YouTube Video Maker for Free - Vlix

Vlix is a video sharing app, it lets people share short clips by uploading them to Vlix's own servers, in a manner much like YouTube. This free online YouTube movie maker includes a range of video effects: fix effects, time altering effects, artistic effects, sparkles and fun video borders.

Advantage: User friendly interface; Provide many video effects; It's a free app for iPhone.

Disadvantage: Video length should not exceed 5 minutes; It doesn't recognize photos and music.

vlix is a free online youtube video creator

Free Online YouTube Video Creator: GoAnimate

GoAnimate is a fun online animated video creator that permits you to make an animated lesson for your class with ready-to-use templates, without needing to draw. You can easily make a demo video of your product, an advertising video for your business or a training video for your staff.

Advantage: Provide more useful features; Create videos for fun, for schools, for businesses.

Disadvantage: Free members can not upload photos and videos.

In short, these free online youtube video creators are easy to use, try to find your favorite one to make you YouTube videos now. Meanwhile, if you download some YouTube videos and want to play them directly, the Free FLV Player for Mac can easily play all sorts of web videos on Mac OS X.

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