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Download YouTube Videos with Chrome on Mac with Simple Steps

Recently, a report shows the Google Chrome users have more than the Mozilla Firefox user, it now becomes the second most popular browser worldwide (IE is still the No. 1 browser). So, the drvelpoers have already create a Chrome YouTube Downloader for Mac to help Chrome users download YouTube videos with Chrome without any difficulty.

Video Downloader for Mac, one of the best YouTube downloader for Mac users. It it integrated with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. It can automatically add a "Download" button to any YouTube videos on your web browser, it means you can get videos from YouTube with one click. After downloading, you can start conversion the FLV videos to your Apple devices formats.

First, get the free trial version and follow the instruction to install this Chrome YouTube Downloader for Mac app.

Step 1: Search YouTube Videos in Chrome

Open your Chrome web browser and enter in the address bar. To get YouTube videos successfully, maybe you need to create a free membership.

Enter the videos' name in the search box and you will find the related videos from the list. Click the title of the video to learn more about it.

Step 2: One Click to Download YouTube Videos from Chrome

As shown in the picture below, you will see a "Download" button near the video area, click it. You can find the downloaded videos by hitting "Library" item on left panel.

This Mac app can run on the background, during the downloading progress, you can also continue browsing more interesting videos on YouTube.

click download button to record youtube movies with chrome mac

Step 3: Convert YouTube Videos (Optional)

According to your needs, you can convert the downloaded YouTube videos to most of video and audio formats, or some popular protable devices.

It's OK, follow the mentioned above steps you can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos feel free.

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Free Download Video Downloader for Mac

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