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Download Online Movies for iPhone on Mac

Now you can watch online movies from YouTube, Metaface, Facebook, Google video etc. If you have not network connection, and the bandwidth is limited, watching online movies is a frustrating thing. The best method is to download online movies then you can enjoy the movies without limitation.

As we all know Apple iPhone is quite annoying to watch movies online on iPhone - no Flash player supported. And, yeah, what if there is no Wi-Fi or a weak Wi-Fi only? Maybe you can consider downloading online movies for iPhone and enjoy movies on the go. To make online movie downloads for iPhone, a professional video downloader is necessary. Video Downloader for Mac is an easy-to-handle tool to download movies from various video sharing websites. The following is the details.

Step 1: Run the software

Download and install Online Movie Downloader for iPhone. Then launch it on your Mac.

Step 2: Open Safari and find the movie

When you playing the videos from YouTube, you will see a "Download" button on the top of the videos. At the same time, the Safari browser will detect the downloadable videos easily, and you will see a "Download" button, hit it to add the videos to the download queue.

download online movies for iphone on mac

Step 3: Download and Convert Online Movies to iPhone on Mac

You need to remember the downloaded video is FLV format, everyone knows the iPhone can not play FLV video directly. So we need to convert flv videos to iPhone format first. Luckily, this Online Movie Downloader for iPhone provides you conversion function to get movie downloads for iPhone.

Press "Library" item to find and select the downloaded videos in step 2. Click "Convert" at the bottom of the interface. This software provides iPhone preset to make the output video look good on your iPhone 3.7 screen.

convert online movies to iphone on mac

After the movie to iPhone conversion, launch iTunes and add the output video to iTunes library from the menu "File -> Add file to library", then link your iPhone to Mac using the USB cable. Sync the item to the device. Now you can turn on your iPhone and find the movies to play at will. So easy. Enjoy yourself now.

Free Download Video Downloader for Mac

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