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Blu-ray Disk VS HD DVD

blu-ray disk compares hd dvdAside from Blu ray discs look exactly the same as HD DVDs in size and shape, each of them employ Blue Laser technology (which has a much shorter wavelength than the red laser technology used in current DVD). They are the two main high definition systems to change standard DVD format.

Although Blu-ray discs look exactly the same as DVDs in size and shape there are numerous differences between the media, including storage capacity, laser technology, disc construction, image resolution and player compatibility. Here let's us take a look at the differences between the two disk.

Difference Between Blu-ray Disk and HD DVD

Frankly, the war of HD system was not really determined the technical merits of every format. Instead, it is widely considered that other elements including company politics and marketing were more important technical advantages. View the differences between Blu-ray and HD DVD in the table below:

blu-ray and hd dvd comparision table

In my opinion, and perhaps of many people, Blu-ray discs cost more, but hold more data. That's all.

Why the Blu-ray wins the HD DVD?

1. Capacity is the key

Blu-ray had 40% more capacity and PS3 as backer. HD DVD had nothing special to counter with.

2. Blu-ray was much more attractive for computer users.

3. Blu-ray had better studio backing. Disney, Fox, MGM, Warner Bros. helped Blu-ray Disc format won the war.

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