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Best Video Sharing Websites

On the web, amateur producers can share their videos with thousands of viewers and average people can steal the limelight from Hollywood stars. With everything from our cellphones to laptops to keychain trinkets coming sporting video cameras these days, more and more people are capturing and sharing digital video. The following video sites make sharing your video missives easy.

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YouTube Lets You Share Your Videos Online

YouTube is a method of getting your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide! YouTube has reached a level of ubiquity in the video-sharing market that for millions of online users, YouTube is not only how they were unveiled in video sharing - it's also the only video sharing site they're even aware of.

YouTube places no restriction on the number of videos you can upload as long as they follow the 2GB/10min rule. You are not allowed to edit your videos once you've uploaded them to YouTube, but you are allowed to annotate them with more information and links. Free YouTube Downloaded for Mac lets you download videos from YouTube, Myspce, Google video, etc. on Mac OS X with fast speed.

Hulu Website to Share Videos

Hulu enables you to easily discover your preferred TV shows and films and watch them at your leisure, all while offering numerous features that make it possible to customize your viewing experience just the way you like it. Hulu was designed to offer you what you would like the way you want it; what more can you ask from a video shareing website?

Hulu does not have everything. But it does have much more than you'd expect to find. No matter what kind of shows you're interested in.

Online Video Sharing Sites - Metacafe

It provides quality videos and a dedicated review system that keeps content as much as high standards. The benefit of Metacafe is the carefully cultivated content. If YouTube is a smorgasbord of videos, Metacafe is a carefully planned but extensive banquet.

Metacafe takes pride in the fact that videos are carefully reviewed by a panel of 80,000 community members. While you might be inclined to think that this limits content and creativity, it really works to keep the Metacafe site clean and orderly.

One of the Best Video Sharing Websites - Dailymotion

Dailymotion attracts users from all over the world - this is one of the most widely used and diverse video share websites on the internet. A lot of the videos on Dailymotion tend to be more professional in nature. They have newscasts, commercials and short films.

This website suits the audience and provides plenty of audience related features. You are able to search videos with a search box or browse the many categories. All of the movies have picture previews but don't have descriptions.

Now that you've had a chance to look over the best free video sharing websites. Select one of them to upload your videos to share online with your friends at will.

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