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Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone Users

There is nothing more can be compared with iPhone in the convenience it brought us in daily life. As long as you have an iPhone in hand, it means that you are getting a multiple-functioned device that can be carried every day. Especially once you come with a recently released iPhone, you are not owning a simple smart phone, but also possessing a handheld game player, media player, photo capturer and even video recorder.

As long as you have enough storage space in your iPhone, you are able to capture several videos for the beautiful scenes during your memorable trips and outings. However, there may be some inevitable flaws in your iPhone recorded videos since the iPhone is not the professional camcorder after all. In such kind of case, here we come with some great iPhone video editing apps to help you process videos with all kinds of cool things on your iPhone.

Top Video Editing Apps for Apple iPhone

1. iMovie

This video editing software is designed specifically for Multi-Touch. It comes with rich and interesting video editing functions which let you produce beautiful high-definition video no matter where you are. When you sit on the beach for enjoyment, even without moving the body, you are also able to create the video postcard and publish to the web on the same day. Even the Child's birthday party is busy, you can also complete the film of a birthday party and send it to your parents.

By the way, if you are interested in how to use iMovie to process video files on your iPhone, then you can just give a reference on the specially written down tips of how to edit videos on iPhone with iMovie.

2. Reel Director ($1.99)

iphone video appThis is a very easy to use video file editing software which was first launched in iPhone platform. It can make multiple files merged and stitched easily on your Apple iPhone. Now, the developer of this great app has enhanced the software functionality which supports you with more skilful for easier video clipping. With it, you can also arrange your iPhone recorded video on the in the rolling type timeline, just like the film. In order to better connect these video segments, this app provides 10 different transition modes and several variations for the user to choose.

3. Intro Designer for iMovie ($2.99)

Compared to the above two apps, this software has two distinctive features. First is its simple operation. And the second is that it has a gorgeous user interface. Unlike complicated operation mode of the professional titles produced software, this app supports you to simply select a given template and follow the instructions to successfully produce a 10-15 seconds of the opening title sequence once you are at the end of each video recording. And in the given scenes, there are not only the ordinary templates for the daily life, but also the holiday templates to adapt to the festive atmosphere.

4. Magisto (Free)

video editing app for iphoneThis a new software can assist you to go through the whole process from shooting a good screen to automatically edit it on your iPhone within a few minutes. What you need to do is just use your iPhone to capture a video or directly go to select one from the Camera Roll, and then select the audio and add a title. And the Magisto will accomplish the rest for you perfectly. This app uses a revolutionary technology which let it available to read user's video, analysis and select the most exciting part of the video to merge them together. It also gives users a rich creative transition effects, filter mirror and music effects.

5. VideoGrade ($1.99)

This is a color grading editor you should not miss if you once need to make your own captured movie look incredible! It is an easy to use, fast, flexible and powerful application with which you can modify various settings to improve your video or significantly change its appearance. By virtue of its flexibility and accuracy, you can even see the last word of your film exactly without losing any message.

All the apps introduced above are able to be found in the iTunes app store. If you are interested in anyone, you can just go to iTunes store to get it with leisure.

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