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Best Mac RSS Readers

RSS reader is a wonderful tool to help us keep up to date with the latest news. You don't need to visit every website to obtain daily news. Many websites make RSS as a convenient way to let readers subscribe to news. So here we choose some best RSS readers for you to get all sorts of information easily.


Mixtab is a stylish RSS news reader that organizes topics in a very different way. The app uses "tabs" to show feed collections. You can create new tabs and organize them as you like and customize the content within the tab and choose an overall theme from its built-in templates. Mixtab also works in Lion’s full screen mode, and is probably one of the most pleasant ways to read the news. It requires you to create an account with Mixtab, but it takes just seconds.

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2. Caffeinated

Caffeinated is a RSS reader with elegant and simple interface. The layout shows each news feed in categories. You can see the news in the main window. You can create bookmarks for your favourite articles and share items with various social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

best rss readers for mac

3. NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire is a multiple functional RSS feed reader. It combines Mac elegance with smart tools that help you follow news updates efficiently. Fast search and smart folders can let you access to the important updates easily.

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4.RSS Menu

It's unique. RSS Menu turns the Mac OS X menu bar into a versatile RSS feed reader that not only shows headlines but also whole stories, lets you group feeds and integrates with both Safari and iTunes. Apart from the obvious disadvantages of a menu-based RSS feed reader, it would be good if RSS Menu could hide read items and integrate with Google Reader and other web-based aggregators.

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