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Add Transitions between Video Clips with iMovie

A transition supplies a seamless method for one clip to end and another to begin with. You may have a clip fade in or out, dissolve into another clip, zoom into a different clip, and many others. Apple's iMovie is a full-featured video editing software as a part of the iLife suite on Mac. Now it also accessible for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

By default, iMovie definitely makes the transitions in your movie with a similar length. However, you can change or edit the transitions, in addition to add more transitions - especially after splitting a clip into two clips. Here is how to finish this work with hassle-free. What's more, you can also Convert an iMovie Project to a DVD for playing with a DVD player.

Tutorial: Add Transitions Between iMovie Video Project Clips

Step 1: Open your Project with iMovie

If you have installed iMovie App for Mac, launch it. If not, go to Apple official website to download and install it normally. From its "File" menu click "Open" option to find and open your video project that you want to edit from the event browser.

Step 2: Select a Transition Menu

On the right top menu bar, click "Transition" button to open the Transitions Menu. Various transition templates will be shown in the window. You can preview them one by one.

choose your favorite transition template

Step 3: Select a Transition and Supply It

From all available templates choose your favorite one, click and drag it to another video clips that you would like to add a specific transition between the both. After settings done, you can preview the transition effect in the viewing window.

add transitions in imovie between two video clips

You can do the following settings for your transition:

- Adjust the speed of the transition from a slider marked "Speed";
- Choose "Transition Adjustments" to set the transition duration as you want;
- And more settings you can click How to Edit Videos on iMovie to learn more.

Sounds simple? You can add more transitions between other clips with the same steps like above. If you don't want to use the added transition, just click on it and press the delete key on your keyboard to remove the unwanted one.

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