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How to Transfer Android Files to Mac in a Simple Way?

You may want to back up your Android files in following situations:
1. You want to copy your photos, videos, songs and other files to your Mac to avoid your important data loss.
2. You change to a new mobile phone and you want to transfer your files on your Android phone to your new mobile phone.
Of course, you may have other reasons that you want to copy your Android phone files to your Mac. But if you want to copy your Android files to your Mac safely and easily, you can use a handy Mac Android Phone Files Manager. This software is an all-in-one functional Android phone files manager. It can easily export photos, songs, videos, messages, contacts, apps and more from Android to Mac. You can also import these files from your Mac to your android. Besides, you can install and uninstall apps for Android phone on Mac with it. You can even reply Android messages on Mac. In one word, it's a very powerful tool for Mac users to manage Andorid files on Mac effortlessly.

Guide to Back up Android Data to Mac Easily

Step 1: Run the Android File Manager on Mac

Firstly, you need to download and install the software on your Mac. Then run it. Connect your Android device to Mac via a USB cable. Your Android device's information will be showed on the screen as below. You can see two options on the screen. Click the "Back up" button to continue.

connect android device to mac

Step 2: Choose files that you want to copy to Mac

Now you can see the Backup window. The software will show all file folders like Contacts, SMS, Calendar, Apps and more in your Android on the screen. You can tick before the folder you want to back up to your Mac. Then you choose an output folder on your Mac to save these files.

choose files you want to copy to mac

Step 3: Back up your Android files

Now you can click the bottom "Backup" button to back up your Android files to your Mc.

That's all steps you need to back up your Android files to your Mac. Very simple! If you lost your Android files, you can restore these files from backup on your Mac.

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