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How to Send SMS to Mobile Phone from Mac?

Have you thought of sending text message from your Mac to mobile phone? It's a very creative idea. How can we do this? You can use a Mac Android Phone Manger to easily write text message and send to your friends' mobile phone. What's more, you can send group messages with this tool.

This Android Data Manager is a versatile software. It can easily transfer photos, messages, videos, contacts, apps and more between your Mac and Android phone. It allows you to download hot Android apps from web to your Mac and directly install it to your Android phone. If you don't want to use an app on your Android phone, you can remove it from your Mac computer with this software. This software is a great utility with many wonderful functions to effectively control your Android phone files on Mac. Never miss such an amazing tool!

Two Steps to Send Messages to Mobile Phone on Mac

Step 1: Launch the Android Data Manger on Mac

After installation of the Android Data Manger, launch it. Then connect your Android phone to your Mac with a USB cable. You will see your device appear on the screen.

run android data manager on mac

Step 2: Create message to send

Now click "SMS" on the left window to go to the SMS tab. Click the "New" button on the top menu to create a message. You need to fill in message receiver and type text message. Then you can click the "Send" button to send your message.

Tips: If you want to save your message, you can click the "Save as" button on the top menu and choose an output folder to save your SMS as TXT files on your Mac. You can also delete, search and do more to your messages with this tool.

send message to mobile on mac

Just some button clicks, you can send SMS to your friends with ease on your Mac computer. Try this tool from here.

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