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iTunes for Android

We know iTunes is good tool for users to easily manage iPhone, iPad, iPod files easily. But for Android phone users, you also need a useful iTunes for Andorid to easily manage your Android contents with ease. The Android Manager for Mac is an iTunes tool for Android phone users to easily organize Android files on Mac. It works as iTunes and more powerful compared with iTunes. You can easily transfer contents including photos, videos, apps, contacts, SMS between your Android phone and Mac. You can even delete, install apps for your Android phone with this software.

Now we will guide you to use this software step by step.

After finishing installing the iTunes for Android on your Mac, run it. Connect your Android phone or tablet with Mac via a USB cable. Then the software will detect your device and show your device on the interface as below.

install itunes for android on mac

1. Backup Android phone SMS to your Mac

You can export all your SMS on your Android phone to your Mac to back up. Additionally, you can text new messages for reply or to send to your friends and family on Mac. It's available to send to single person or to a group people.

back up sms to mac

2. Import & export music, movies and photos

Just like iTunes, with this iTunes for Android phone/tablet you can sync, organize and manage your multimedia contents easily on your Android device.

transfer songs, videos, photos

3. Install Android apps from Mac

It's very easy to install APK files to Android from Mac if you have lots Android apps on your Mac computer. You can directly install them on your phone or tablet using this software. You can also export your Android phone apps to your Mac to backup or share with other people.

manage android phone apps

4. Transfer your Android Contacts between Mac and Android

With this iTunes for Android, you can easily backup your Contact, transfer the Contact between your phones and Mac.

transfer contacts

Such a powerful, you can use it like iTunes. It's a very convenient tool for Mac users to easily organize Android phone contents.

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