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How to Effectively Manage Android Phone Music on Mac?

Do you need a tool to help you easily manage your Android phone music on Mac? You are lucky to come here. The Android Music Manager can help you add, delete, backup your Android phone songs effortlessly. Except for music files, it can manage your Android phone photos, apps, SMS, videos and contacts. It's very user friendly. Simple and clear interface can help you quickly do what you want. It's a comprehensive Mac Android File Manager. Now we will guide you to manage your Android phone music on Mac step by step.

Guide to Use Android Music Manager to Manage Android Songs

1. Run the Android Music Manager on Mac

Download and install the Android music manager on Mac. Then run it. Connect your Android phone with Mac using a USB cable. The software will detect your device and display it on screen as below.

run android music manager on mac

2. Manage Android Phone Songs on Mac

You can see all file categories on the left window. Click the "Music" category to enter the Music Managing window. Click the "Add" button on the top menu, you can add songs from your Mac computer to your Android phone. To backup your Android phone songs to your Mac, you can click the "Export" button to choose songs to back up to your Android phone. To delete some songs of your Android phone that you don't like any more, just choose songs and click the "Delete" button.

manage android music on mac

Very easy to use! In this software, you can easily organize your Andorid phone files quickly and conveniently. It's the best Mac Android phone manager. Now add your favorite songs from iTunes to your Android phone with this software. You can't find such a practical software any more.

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