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How to Reset/Restore iPod touch to Factory Settings on Mac?

Background Knowledge: Before we start talking about restoring iPod touch, it is very important for us to understand the distinction between the operations "update" and "restore" first. The update just means to install the software which is used to control an iPod. And this process will not affect the songs and files stored in the iPod's disk. However, the restore operation is completely different that it will erase the contents of the iPod disk and revert the iPod to the original factory settings.

If you once lost any content stored in your iPod disk, you are able to recover them back on Mac with specific Mac tools. But once you failed to jailbreak your iPod touch or if you once want to clear up the entire iPod touch, the best solution for you to make your iPod touch work normally would be restoring it to factory settings. (Note: The restore operation will erase all your iPod stored files. So, please make a backup for your iPod before you start restoring. As long as you stored your songs, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and games in your iTunes Library, you can load them back to your iPod after the restore.)

Ok, if you have already been prepared to restore your iPod touch to factory settings on a Mac, just follow the operations below to clear up your Apple iTouch now! Of course, if you only want to get back your lost iTouch lost files, you can just go to restore iPod touch data on Mac in a much quicker way.

Detail Solution to Reset/Restore iPod touch Factory Settings on Mac

Step 1: If you already have the latest iTunes updated on your Mac, then, you can just skip this step to the next one. Otherwise, you should first ensure that you have already established an Internet connection before you get the newest related tools to make the whole restore process more fluently.

Step 2: Open iTunes, and then use the USB or FireWire cable that came with your iPod to connect your iTouch to the Mac. A few seconds later, you will see your iPod displayed in the iTunes Source panel.

Step 3: Select your iPod in the Source panel, you will see your iPod information in the "Summary" tab of the main iTunes window. Just click on the "Restore" button below the detail info.

how to restore ipod touch to factory settings

Step 4: There will be a message appearing on your Mac screen to prompt you to enter an administrator name and password.

Step 5: The progress bar will appear on the computer screen to point out the first phase of the recovery process has begun. When that stage is completed, iTunes will display on the screen for your iPod touch with the guidance message: Leave iPod connected to computer to complete restore.

Step 6: In the second phase of the recovery process, you will see the Apple logo and a progress bar at the bottom of your iPod's display. At this stage, maintaining the connection to the iPod from your computer or iPod Power adapter is very important.

Tip: Because iPod display backlight may be closed, so the progress bar may be difficult to see clearly.

Step 7: Keeping the iPod linked to your Mac even after completed the above process. There will be a " iTunes setup assistant" window popping up to ask you to name for your iPod and selected your preferred settings for future synchronization as well as you connect the iPod to a Mac for the first time.

Ok, that's all about how to reset/restore iPod touch to factory settings. Once you have restored your iTouch successfully, you can then load your media files' backup to your iPod now!

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