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How to Convert/Reformat iPod from Windows to Mac?

Once spending time on those big forums, we can find kinds of questions had been asked and answered. Among the numerous questions, how to format an iPod for Mac can be one of the most asked but less responded. Generally, this issue was put forward by those ones who are newly switching to use Mac after long time use of the Windows-based computer. According to the ones who asked such question on the forum, some of the Mac don't support users to update an iPod since it was Windows formatted. That's why we come with this how to reformat iPod from Windows to Mac tutorial.

Since you are here, then you may also have interest in this issue. Just let's go ahead to see the detail solutions of reformatting an iPod. If you once have less interest in this topic, you can also back into the resources center to find some favorite tips and tricks. For example, you can get some free iPod photo sharing apps to share images freely with your iTouch, learn some iPhone macro photography skills to take excellent close-up shots, learn how to enjoy 3D titanic movies on The new iPad and more.

Something about Mac and PC Compatibility of Formatted iPod

Generally speaking, a Mac-formatted iPod is referred as HFS Plus, which can only be used with a Mac computer. If you want to use this format of iPod on a Windows PC, then the only solution is to reformat it. Meanwhile, a Windows-formatted iPod is usually considered as FAT32 which can be used on both Mac and Windows under normal circumstances. There are also some unexpected cases which may need you to reformat iPod for Mac. Don't worry, here coming up the steps with you.

Solution of How to Convert iPod from PC to Mac

Actually, the detail processing sequence of reformatting an iPod from Windows to Mac is just the same as the one of how to reset iPod to factory settings on Mac. And the operation steps can be briefly summarized as following easy steps. So, once you want to simply know a few things about this topic, then you can just go through the brief solution below. If you once really want to learn the detail operations, then you can rightly learn from the article about how to restore iPod touch to factory settings.

Step 1: Upgrade your Mac iTunes and plug your iPod to Mac.

Step 2: Select and hit the Restore option as well as blow shown.

reformat ipod from windows to mac

Step 3: Resync the iTunes library on your Mac to the reformatted iPod.

Warning: The above operations will erase your iPod content completely. So, please remember making a copy of those important files on your iPod to the Mac in case. Just as we have mentioned in the above article, a Windows-formatted iPod is also available on Mac under usual conditions but not vice versa. If you also have a Windows, then the best choice for you would be processing the above operations on your Windows rather than Mac.