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iPhone Macro Photography Tips and Tricks

Although iPhone is widely used by most people for its easier operation than pro digital cameras, it still requires certain skills for iPhone users to shot with good effects. Especially, when the iPhone owner wants to take an extreme close-up of something, certain skills are really necessary. Even the macro photography taken by iPhone can't compare with pro SLR camera, iPhone can also take stunning macro photos if users have grasped the corresponding skills well. To help you get more fantastic close-up with your iPhone, here we just list some helpful iPhone macro photography tips and tricks for your reference.

Macro Photography Tips and Tricks for Apple iPhone

1. Should not be too close

Once the iPhone lens is too close to objects, it is difficult to focus. And the definite intervals for different cases should be decided according to the exact situations. But the basic point should be that the iPhone can focus the subject. Based on experience, the minimum distance should be four inches. Therefore, if you want to find the most proper camera focus for shooting picture, you should pay attention to not be too close.

2. Open the AE/AF (exposure / focus) lock

The iOS 5 AE/AF lock empowers iPhone users the ability to long press on the screen to start the AE / AF. The benefit after the focus lock is that the users can concentrate on the composition when shooting. In addition, photographer has no need to re-focus even when moved the iPhone during the process.

macro photography tips and tricks for iphone

3. Light

For a good photography, the light is very important. In macro photography, the photographer will block the light if not pay enough attention to. iPhone photographers are sometimes too focused on the screen effect, but did not find this point.

4. The use of depth of field

You might think that "bokeh" and "depth of field" is only used in professional photography. Actually, you can also use these skills for the iPhone photography so as to bonus point for your own works. Most photographers know that the size control of SLR camera's depth of field mainly depends on the size adjustment of the camera lens aperture, the length of the lens focus, and the shooting distance. However, the iPhone can only control the shooting distances. So once you use iPhone for shooting, the closer to the subject, the depth of field will be more obvious.

5. The overall effect

One point needs to be remembered for iPhone macro shot is that bokeh can also affect the overall effect of the work. Therefore, we should reduce the object inside the lens as far as possible and highlight the subject. Even the objects outside the focal length should also be associated with the shooting object. That's the difference between "iPhone readily shoot "and" iPhone photography".

Ok, just as you can learn from above iPhone macro shooting skills, the iPhone macro photography is basically focusing on several points,including focus, light, composition and prominent object. If you can have a good grasp of these basic factors, then, it would be no longer a complex task for you to make extreme close-up shots with your iPhone. Just refer to the above described main points to enjoy yourself now!

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