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How to Unlock an iPhone 4S Officially?

Telecom operator AT&T brought a gift to most of the locked version of iPhone 4S users on Easter. Starting from that day, the locked iPhone users that have an expired contract with AT&T and have a good reputation in the performance of their contract period can apply for the official unlock.

Even if your contract has not expired, you can also apply to unlock officially by making up for the remaining contract expenses. According to the reaction of some users on the Engadget site, there are already many users have been linked to the AT&T and successfully applied for the official unlock since the Easter. So if you once have the following conditions, you can also apply for an official unlock for your authorized iPhone 4S now!

Requirements of Applying for Authorized iPhone 4S Unlocking

1. You should first ensure that your iPhone 4S is not currently in the AT&T contract period, including the period of the contract has completed and you did not sign a contract when buying it.

2. You have your AT&T account of good reputation.

3. You know the IMEI serial number of your iPhone 4S.

If you meet the above conditions, you can follow the below steps to unlock your iPhone 4S now!

How to Unlock an Authorized iPhone 4S?

1. Find the IMEI code and transcribe it down on your notebook. You can rightly get this task by clicking the settings and select general. And then you should click the "About" and slide to the "IMEI" column to get the your iPhone 4S IMEI code. Just write the code down.

2. Using iPhone to call AT&T, you can dial 611, and you can also call 1-800-331-0500 and then dial 0010 so as to immediately switch to artificial customer service and skip the waiting time. Put forward a request to unlock your iPhone, and provide the device IMEI number, and then wait to receive the unlock instructions e-mail. Just follow the e-mail to complete your equipment unlocking right then!

finish authorized iphone 4S unlocking

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